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"Did you know Clifton's Oceana Villa Rents For R150 000 per night during peak?".

Dear Cape Town HomeOwner

Great to have you reading about our hassle free solution to managing and marketing self catering accommodation in Cape Town. My name is Johan Horak and I am member of Horak Clan at CapeHolidays.Info.

We are a no nonsense, family-run self catering agency in Cape Town. We are not the biggest but the most responsive. More about us later. Let me introduce you to the typical homeowner who should not consider self catering as an option to profit from..

Why All Self Catering Owners Will Not Qualify For The Hassle Free Maximisation Of Income 

You may want to tap into the amazing income generated by the influx of tourists to Cape Town. 

You can and you should. 

But the doing part is where the chef has to face the heat. 

Not all owners, not all marketers, not all property managers and not all homes are equal. And locations differ. Given these options the choices the owner makes will either maximise income or deliver mediocre results. 

Let's consider a few hassles........

Allowing strangers in your home: I have seen owners completely freeze. They just cannot understand that self-catering guests are a different breed to long-term renters. Self catering guests focus on happiness and you are a part of creating their happiness. They have a home and work to get back to. They are not relocating. 

Your interests need protection: Legalities, breakage deposits and getting paid: Who is best-qualified to look after your self-catering home in Cape Town? 

Can you face criticism? Some owners take any suggestions to improve their home personally. There's no solution to this. I was thinking that an agency can be your buffer but not being able to take it on the chin and fix the issue is enough reason to disqualify you today. The aggravation when an owner cannot deal with citisisim is just not worth it. 

Demanding Guest relationships: The best of the best can have a day in the kitchen. Let's assume you are on Plett's beach having fun. The geyser bursts, water everywhere. Are you ready and available 24/7 to liaise with unhappy guests and maintenance guys? 

Liaison: Guests will have certain expectations and will you need to deliver. Don't do it and they will expose you. Quickly. Constant, friendly communication is vital 

Keeping tabs on maintenance: Today you may overlook small maintenance issues, it's your home, but your paying guests will not be lenient. They will demand exceptional value. Delivery and consitency: the name of the game.

Are you willing to be ultra responsive to enquiries? You know that the early bird gets the worm. Everyone can market. It's easy today. Airbnb, just in Cape Town, grew by more than 163% in one year. This is evidence of Cape Town's popularity and how simple marketing has become. Is this what you want to do? Market your own place? Do you have the time for it? 

Getting paid: Asking for the money on time is not easy for everyone. It must be done.

Are you finding it difficult to say NO! to friends and family? It does not matter how much money you have. Never. What matters is when friends and family abuse your wealth. It creates resentment. Unhappiness. Why continue? You can design your hands-free income stream by diverting these requests to your agent. An agency is there to maximise income and not be emotionally attached. How easy can it be?

The heat is on. It's full time. It's being on call, co-ordinating. 

"Unfortunately: Fail on one of the above and you will find it difficult to maximise income". 

Is It Possible To Design A Hassle Free Solution Around My Lifestyle And Concerns?

I can just hear you say......

"It's all great to maximise income but what about my lifestyle? It's still my home!"

Yes! you want a return on it. But you also want to enjoy your home. 

Initially you would think you are giving away your lifestyle just so that other people can enjoy your home. And you are not alone, as most newcomers would agree. But depending on how you do it, experienced owners and their agents design a profitable income stream while still allowing you to enjoy your home. 

Maximising income does not mean maximising it 365 out of 365. No! Well. It can be. But it's not necessary. 

You are in control. Maximisation is only the objective after you take your days out of the availability calendar. 

Strangers in my home! Many owners are concerned about allowing strange people in their home; even if they are called guests, you feel exposed.........

You are not alone. First time owners in general, making their homes available to the self catering market, felt the same the first few times. But today they are finding most guests boringly easy to accommodate. Obviously, all the qualifying criteria must be in place to ensure the guests enjoy a hassle free experience. 

As long as all the homeowner-protection criteria we propose is in place.​

Design your self catering income stream based on the following three simple and easy criteria for long-term success.

Qualify: Home, Owner, Agent, Guest

Happiness: Protect Interest, Deliver Exceptional Value 

Agree On Common Goals To Maximise Income

Avoid The Mistake Of Making Your Home Available If You Don't Really Qualify For The Opportunity.

Many owners have no clue what the difference is between daily rates and annual income. I am sure you are not one of them. But for the minorities sake let me discuss it. 

I see my neigbour is asking R10 000 per night. I cannot see any reason why I cannot ask more?

If this is a competion with your neigbour then disqualify yourself today. For bad results combine egos and objectives to maximising income. The only success will be an inflated ego. But nothing to bank. 

You can have high rates but zero occupancy. Who wants that? 

Occupancy levels drive the self catering business. But when you have high rates and no occupancy you get no feedback. If you make a mistake with too low rates you get immediate feedback because your value exceeds expectations. Your reviews will feed you with info, and occupancy will increase. This is the info you want; now you can adapt and tweak your rates up. 

Maximizing Quick Tips

  • Maintenance Free. Hassles, unhappy guests and increased costs go hand in hand. All homes will need general maintenance, but unrenovated homes with outdated features and appliances can expect negative reviews.
  •  Focus On Occupancy. Occupancy is what gives you feedback. Low occupancy can mean a lot; high rates, low value, poor photos. You need to adjust. As occupancy increases, reviews increase; meaning previous guests start selling your value. As occupancy increases you can increase rates. Always tweak and increase.  
  • Add Value; In other words exceed expectations. Flowers, fruit and welcome gifts add value but it's a consumable. You need to design value as part of your offering; consistent maintenance of your home, guest friendly attitude, your support, your management systmens, your responsiveness.  
  • Trust. The only judge will be your guest. If you provide a trustworthy and valuable product your previous guests will let others know. Getting reviews on your home from happy guests is essential. Initially you will have to relax your rules (minimum nights etc) to get more reviews. 
  • Pools. Two homes; one with a pool, one without a pool. The home with a pool will always sell first and for more than the one without a pool.

Hassle Free Or DIY?

Today marketing is very easy. Everyone can add a home to Airbnb. With Airbnb Cape Town grew 163% in one year. It's obvious every Koos and Jackie have listed their place. That is great. If you have the time, skills and inclination to market your home then do it. 

But many marketers make various mistakes on where to market, on seasonal rates, and setting minimum stay lenghts. Combined these factors are set differently against each other when you start off and tweaked as you gain reviews and increase occupancy.

Today the demand for self-catering homes during peak time in Cape Town exceeds the supply. No wonder owners demand high rates and minimum stays of 14 nights. Guests are willing to pay for 14 although they only stay for 10 nights

But Why Are Some DIY Owners Still Not Getting More than 30% Occupancy?

There is obviously more than one reason but lets look at the following:

If you are only listing on one website, the reason you're not booked might be a reflection of your marketing exposure rather than the trend of the vacation rental industry.

For many years I listed my properties on a single site. But over the past few years I have added my vacation rental properties to more websites. With each additional web site listing I added, the number of bookings grew incrementally.
cape town property management and marketing

By marketing your self-catering home to 5, 10 or twenty listings sites you can obviously aim for 80% occupancy. But having 20 different availability calendars becomes a mess. And more so if live booking sites fine you for double bookings. That's why we use a channel manager like Kigo.net. They give us one calendar that automatically manages all the others.

Property Management Is The Make Or Break 

Fail the property management function and the year will become a long and painful one. Committing yourself means dedication, on call and being responsive. The other option is to appoint a manager or agency who provides exceptional management.

Protection: Strangers, Legalities, Getting Paid, Breakage Deposits and Indemnity.

The owner choosing for the DIY solution needs to consider all the legal factors, breakage deposits, negotiating refunds, getting paid. This is obviously not easy but can be done. And booking sites like Airbnb make this extremely easy. 

Owners who are skilled marketers, who have a solution to property management, and who only want a fair but not really maximised income can do well by only choosing the Airbnb option; they will find all the necessary protection built into Airbnb. 

How Much Money Can I Make?

This will depend on the home's location, the features, the number of positive reviews, setting rates, minimum stays, owner's attitude towards money, guests and re-investment in the home as well as using marketing & property management agency or not

Over time, we have developed a self-catering income calculator. This tool is as effective as the person using it. It will do what you want it to do. Therefore, it can fool the one's who are looking for an unrealistic income. We use it to give us a guideline of what to set rates for best results over the first year. 

In order to use it effectively, the owner would have to give us what income s/he would like to clear per annum. Then we use the calculator to give us seasonal rates. If these rates compare well with the opposition we may agree with the owner on the expectations and we would further negotiate reasonable goals. If you are the DIY owner then we can assist you with free rate advice. 

Qualify for the HASSLE Free Marketing and Property Management by the No-Nonsense Horak Clan at CapeHolidays.info

No Strings A Cape Town Property Managment and Marketing Agency

If the home qualifies, if the owner qualifies, if the area qualifies then the Horak Clan is ready to market and manage your home today. 

  1. Effective Marketing: Focus on the common goal between owner and us to maximise income. 
  2. Uncompromised Property Management: Protect the interest of the owner while delivering more value to the guest than expected.
  3. Passionate Horak Clan: We are not the biggest . We don't want to be the biggest. We want to be the most effective, and most responsive ensuring happy owners and happy guests.  
At CapeHolidays.info we keep it somple

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Leonardo da Vinci

See what some of our homeowners have to say:

"I Sleep Peacefully at Night Trusting that You Guys Take Care of Everything!"

"I need you guys… you guys rock, why would I (ever) change?"

"Thank you Horak Clan at CapeHolidays for being so passionate about what you do - I sleep peacefully at night trusting that you guys take care of everything! I honor your commitment to this industry, thank you xxx"

Carmen Clews Homeowner 

"I have Only the Highest Praise for Them"

"Johan and Elmarie Horak (CapeHolidays) have been acting as agent on behalf of Welgelee Luxury Self Catering for the last year. It has been a great success. They are both constantly cheerful and light-hearted and simultaneously ruthlessly efficient and reliable. I have only the highest praise for them and the ethical and straightforward way in which they conduct business."

Anna Buchanan Homeowner 

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't increase your annual income to our mutually agreed goals or if you are not happy with the way we manage your home give us 30 days notice. We will walk away. No strings. No questions. No elaborate agreements. As long as you honor all future bookings we made. 

"It's great to know everything is under control..."

"...........when I am out of the country and would otherwise be stressed about managing things back home. And I know if push came to shove you would make a plan to sort it out. Very happy!"

Alistair Clacherty Homeowner 

"Excellent Job Managing our Home and Life.."

".........CapeHolidays has looked after our home, since we moved there in November 2010. .....done an excellent job, both sorting out all the inevitable problems of re-locating, and then dealing with the day to day problems of running a house in a foreign country. I highly recommend their services. If you wish any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me"

Anita The Countess of Harrington 

Your graciousness and diligence are greatly appreciated......

".........If you have the time, we’d like to meet you in person sometime during our stay. Grace will continue to visit South Africa 4 times a year for the foreseeable future, so it is very likely that we will again vacation there and, of course, we would like to work with you again.

Graig and Grace Barnes  Guests

What Makes The Horak Clan "Such Unique Marketers and Property Managers?"

Good question. And you would not be the first one asking us. But let me try and explain....

The Horak Clan's motto is do to it right.

If we cannot do it right we rather walk away. That's why it's easy for us to say there are no strings attached. Our guarantee explains it better; we are not interested in long-term contracts to keep you tied in. No! Our only proof is in our results. If we add value why would you not let us assist you? If not, we shake hands and say goodbye. 

It's never our intention to be the biggest. We are not looking for flashy toys. We are looking to have fun. More staff, more difficult owners, more homes just for the sake of having more... a recipe for destruction. We prefer to do it well and keep it small. This is why we decided to only select the best homes and owners to work with. 

Elmarie started the business. She is the wife, the mother and the doer. And she looks after the details; the money. You don't get past her. She likes paying owners immediately. So ensure she has your banking details. Everyone loves her. Guests want to clone her.

Nandi, the daughter, runs the Cape Town office and manages the Cape Town self-catering homes. She is the difficult one. You need to do it right or else you will hear about it. She does not like to talk a lot. She just wants to get the job done. Quickly. Nandi is savvy. She can do everything Elmarie and Johan can. And can easily take over all our functions when we sit in the sun having fun.   

Let me say. I get the idea mother and daughter and fools don't mix well. 

Johan, father and husband, the guy writing this story, is the technical guy responsible for the website, marketing, social media and other very important things. Who else? 

Elmarie manages the southern homes with a fantastic team managed by Debbie.  ​

Then on top of that we answer more than a 100 emails, sometimes a lot more; assisting people looking for accommodation in Cape Town. Sometimes we pray. Pray for winter as Cape Town slows a bit down. Then we travel. But the managers and one of the Horak Clan is always available.

Is The Horak Clan SuperMan?

The Horak clan is not superman or wonderwoman. Not in any way. We do make mistakes. We have made mistakes. And we will again make mistakes. But we always take responsibility. Never will we justify or make excuses. We fix it, we ensure the risk that the mistake occuring again is reduced. And we focus on keeping owners, guests and ourselves happy.  Not easy but we always try. 

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"Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious, and adding the meaningful.”


P.S.: Success depends on mutual respect between yourself and the Horak Clan.  As well as our ability to agree on mutual goals. Goals we feel we can and should achieve. We will talk. We'll critically look at your home. You will decide if you like us. We will decide if we can easily work with you. We will shake hands or you can walk away. There is no obligation. 

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