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HolidayMakers Tips: Save Cape Town's Water - Every Drop Counts

We have a major water crisis in Cape Town.

Available Cape Town Self Catering Accommodation for December January 2106 2017

Just a quick update on available Cape Town self catering accommodation for December January 2016 2017. As agents, we share our available Cape Town accommodation with more than 40 agencies focusing
Cape Town Holiday Accommodation Availability December 2015 New Year

Cape Town Holiday Accommodation Availability December 2015 New Year

Are you looking for accommodation in Cape Town Holiday with availability December 2015 New Year? One bedrooms, two bedrooms, three bedrooms, four bedrooms, 5 even six bedroom holiday accommodation.
Top Cape Town Restaurants 2015

Top Cape Town Restaurants 2015

Are these some of the top Cape Town restaurants 2015? No 1 must be The Test Kitchen. “The Test Kitchen continues to garner internationa
Things To Do In Cape Town

Cape Town has quietly become a must-visit city for travelers all over the globe - Things To Do In Cape Town

South Africa is having a moment—or maybe five. Cape Town has quietly become a must-visit city for travelers all over the globe, with an enviable food culture, markets and museums, the Kirstenbosch G

Sole Marketing Terms And Conditions

You, The Owner Of The Property, agree to the following sole marketing conditions: is given a sole

Did You Ask The Bull What Happens When You Negotiate Cape Town Self Catering Rates?

Cape Town self catering rates negotiations: If you understand the bull fight then you'll understand how negotiable Cape Town self catering rates are. Let me tell you a joke to explain it:

2 Criteria For High Short-Term Rentals in Cape Town

You may be wondering why your self-catering home is not renting out as fast as you would like to see it go. Today I am going to share  two major criteria that have the most impact. After that we can
income vs cost

Managing Self Catering Accommodation: Our Ideal Cape Town Clients Maximise Income

Managing self-catering accommodation in Cape Town is one of the choices remote homeowners need to consider carefully. Today I want discuss one of the ways homeowners can qualify any Cape Town short

Looking for Accommodation in Clifton Cape Town Over December?

Accommodation in Clifton Cape Town Over December What a fun place to be over December. Accommodation in Clifton Cape Town over December is only for those who can afford a special treat. T

Looking For Houses To Rent December Simonstown?

You are looking for houses to rent December Simonstown. And if you are looking for December homes in Simonstown then I don't need to ask you if you know this beach? If you enjoy

Cape Town Self Catering Owner: 12 Home Setup Tips Get You Compliments Galore!

As a Cape Town Self Catering Owner, you want guests to be proud of your accommodation. There are always two types of owners; those who focus on making money and those who focus on having happy gu

Short Term Rental Agency Simonstown

Are you looking for a reliable short-term rental agency Simonstown? Trust is where we start. And I assume trust is also high on your list. Without trust we cannot do the business we do. And that's
Fun Things To Do In Cape Town

Top Fun Things To Do In Cape Town As Shared By Others Like Conde Nast

Let me start with a summary by Conde Nast announcing the Top 25 Cities in the World: Readers’ Choice Awards 2014

Cape Town Self Catering Management Advice To A Prospective Homeowner

The owner in Marina Da Gama Muizenberg bought a lovely three bedroom self catering home. She want's to maximise her income and want us to help her in managing and marketin

Photo tips when marketing your Cape Town self catering accommodation

The other day two self catering owners asked me why their places have not been booked for December. The following are my responses where I only focus on photos as a possible issue. There may be other

About Your 2014 Cape Town Holiday

You can be anywhere and have a great new years party. But Cape Town is one party all times. So if you have not booked we have some homes left in Kommetjie, St James, Simonstown, the Southern Suburbs a

Cape Town Holiday Home Rental Agents Listing Service

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cape town travel_kids

SA Visa Rules For Travelling With Minors Delayed

Great news if you are travelling with kids from or to South Africa. In a

Cape Town Self Catering Marketing Trends

Marketing of your self catering accommodation is pretty useless if you don't have an idea how you compare. I started using

Are You Using The Shotgun Approach When You Advertise Your Self Catering Home In Cape Town?

How can we collectively learn more about marketing self catering accommodation in Cape Town: Getting more qualified bums on beds is important to many Cape Town self catering home owners. But where
planning ideas cape town

Have You Made These Checks Before Traveling To Cape Town?

Are you planning your trip to Cape Town? I hope you have asked us to find you a

Whose Fault Is It When Your Cape Town Self Catering Rental Agent Ignore You?

We (the shorter rental agent and home owner) chose this relationship together. And we have to work at it. But as they say it takes two to tango. And we like the tango. It's an effort initially but wit

What Can Self Catering Owners Learn From The Launch Our New Site?

Our site's was outdated. We wanted to make some changes to help us in getting more enquiries. We had to 
Beachfront holiday accommodation

Cape Town The Best City in The World: The Consequences

I read everything on Cape Town. I have to because Cape Town is one of your chosen holiday destinations. But when I get regular newspaper listings saying Cape Town is the best then I get worried. And y
Luxury-rental-house-simonstown b12 (1)

Select Luxury Accommodation Simon's Town

Get spoiled for choice with all these luxury accommodation Simon's Town options. Heat pools, on the water, designers paradise

Accommodation 1 Hour From Cape Town Luxury Romantic Or Affordable

Fun Accommodation 1 Hour From Cape Town! You are looking for accommodation 1 hour from Cape Town. You want to get away and have some real fun. And traveling one hour is more fun than travell
Great Guesthouse Kalk Bay Cape Town

Is Table Mountain Symbolic To The Mandela Spirit

“During the many years of incarceration on Robben Island, we often lo
South African Holidays

South African Holidays 2013/2014 To Plan Your Breaks

South African Holidays To Plan Your Breaks. The dates and the description of the various days.
Cape Town Black Taxi

Cape Town Is Great! Read Why International Travel Writers Agree

I read some really interesting travel blogs lately. The idea was to get inspiration from great writers. And my focus was on Cape Town. Obviously. But what these writers had to say about Cape Town surp
where to stay in cape town

Answering the Where To Stay In Cape Town Question

Finding Cape Town accommodation is easy. But what's less easy is where to stay in Cape Town. Can you trust the story and photos of the accommodation? There are a few different internet sites sharing a

A Californian Encountering Africa And Sharks In Cape Town

I met this Californian guy called Chris via TripAdvisor. Chris had a lot of q

10 Reasons Why You Should Holiday In Cape Town

Is saw someone asking: Where should I go on holiday?

Top Restaurants Cape Town South Africa 2012/2013

Top Restaurants Cape Town South Africa 2012/2013

8 Cape Town Tidal Pools I Dare You To Visit While on Holiday

10 Cape Town Tidal Pools Yes. I dare you to visit these Cape Town tidal pools. While travelling there check out Cape Town because you'll be having fun. You'll see our beautiful Cape. You'

20 Simon's Town Sunrise Photos and Inspirational Quotes

20 Simon's Town Sunrise Photos and Inspirational Quotes I really enjoy photography and because I live in Simon's Town I tend to focus on my immediate area. These 20 Simon's Town Sunrise
Simonstown Holiday Homes To Rent

10 Lovely Simonstown Holiday Homes To Rent

10 beautiful and well recommended Simonstown Holiday Homes To Rent. These Simon's Town holiday homes are for large groups and small families. All with views

Kommetjie Restaurants on a Tuesday | Cape Town

Kommetjie Restaurants Cape Town on a Tuesday. We took the day to list a holiday home in Kommetjie and went searching for a Kommetjie restaurant.

10 Simonstown South Africa Photos You'll Like ;-)

Simonstown South Africa Photos Every day I go for a walk with my dog Gino. Sometimes we talk a long and easy walk and most times we walk for twenty minutes or less. But I never walk without m

Cape Town Rental Home By Owners And The Holiday Catches

Why are Cape Holidays not listing Cape Town rental homes by owners? Most holiday rental home owners are honest people. I would say 99%. The problem is that you don't know which 1% of the 10
Cape Town Wine Tasting Day Trip - Beau Constantia Cape To Cuba

Cape Town Wine Tasting Day Trip - Constantia

Cape Town Wine Tasting Day Trip - Constantia

Photo Walk Cape Town In The Mountains Before Sunrise Over Simon's Town

Photo Walk Cape Town In The Mountains Before Sunrise Over Simon's Town. Cape Town photos of the Simon's Town Village to Just Nuisance Grave. Nature walk
Cape Town History South Africa Trade

Why Choose Cape Town in South Africa as a holiday destination?

Why Choose Cape Town in South Africa as a holiday destination? The many reasons why Cape Town is a popular holiday destination Have a look here...
Cape Town Photos - People

10 Inspiring Cape Town Photos and Memorable Quotes

10 Inspiring Cape Town Photos and Memorable Quotes. And stories of the places and Cape Town people. Cape Town photos and holidays are one.

Pictures of Cape Town

Pictures of Cape Town and quotes

Places Of Interest in Cape Town

Cape Town and its surrounds have countless places of interest with some attractions being more well-known and some are slightly off the beaten track. Whatever your hobby or field of interest there wil

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