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What is going on with the Cape Town Holiday Rental Market?

You know about Brexit, stronger rand, local elections, and winter. Let's discuss how these may impact the rental market

Setting Cape Town Self Catering Rates & Other – Michael Farr – Sun International

Setting Cape Town self catering accommodation rates. This is a skill. But a skill is useless if you if your ego runs wild. I have come across many owners who want the high rate without understan
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Learn How A Professional Photographer Can Fix These Simple Mistakes For Only R850

Today everyone is a photographer. You constantly take photos with your smartphone. But does that qualify you or your amateur photographing friend as an expert? During peak December homeowners earn fro

Setting Rates: Airbnb Is A Game You Play

Many Cape Town homeowners and accommodation owners ask us advice on Airbnb. It's critical that you play the Airbnb game. You need a great host, excellent and responsive marketing, great photos, compet

2 Little Mistakes That Cost A Cape Town Self Catering Home Owner R52000

I got this email from a Cape Town self catering home owner today 4 Dec 214. Just 20 days before season starts: "Urgent Green Point Rate Change"

What Is Green Grass Marketing For Self Catering Accommodation?

The other day someone said that my rugby team is great on paper but fails on grass. It may be painful, but it's true. Today I want to ask you if your Cape Town self catering marketing looks great

Simonstown Short Term Rental Agency

Are you looking for a Simonstown short-term rental agency? Trust is where we start. And I assume trust is also high on your list. Without trust we cannot do the business we do. And that's why o

Where Will CapeHolidays.Info Market Your Home?

After reading an article on if you should list your accommodation on multiple sites
How to improve airbnb ranking

How to improve Airbnb ranking: Is this what you'll do?

How to improve Airbnb ranking when your are new to the game is not easy.

Cape Town Self Catering Marketing Trends

Marketing of your self catering accommodation is pretty useless if you don't have an idea how you compare. I started using

Are You Using The Shotgun Approach When You Advertise Your Self Catering Home In Cape Town?

How can we collectively learn more about marketing self catering accommodation in Cape Town: Getting more qualified bums on beds is important to many Cape Town self catering home owners. But where

Whose Fault Is It When Your Cape Town Self Catering Rental Agent Ignore You?

We (the shorter rental agent and home owner) chose this relationship together. And we have to work at it. But as they say it takes two to tango. And we like the tango. It's an effort initially but wit

What Can Self Catering Owners Learn From The Launch Our New Site?

Our site's was outdated. We wanted to make some changes to help us in getting more enquiries. We had to 
Camps Bay C

Why Does Sean Penn Visit Cape Town?

The answer is obvious. Sean Penn is like everyone else. They love Cape Town. There's something magical about Cape Town. Is it the mountain? The people? The Camps Bay beac
Kommetjie Holiday Accommodation

Was Mandela A Racist? (An Open Letter To A Small Minority)

If Mandela forgave all, unconditionally, how can you still justify being a racist? Mandela's life was stolen from him because racists were afraid of his skin colour. Was this not enough reason for him

Rosa: Pay Me Fairly And I Will Send You Lots Of Paying Guests

The Worth Of Cape Town Short Term Rental Agents This is an open letter to the Cape Town short-term rental owner who sent me this email after I mentioned her less than par 10% commission. (Don
Muizenberg Guesthouse

5 Short Term Rental Ideas: Book More Guest And Ensure They Return

5 Short Term Rental Ideas To Retain Your Guests

Accommodation Advertising Network - How You Can Also Benefit

How Can You Benefit From This Accommodation Advertising Network? You want to more bums on beds. But where do you start or what can you do to get more? You can
Fun things to do in Cape Town

Fun Things To Do In Cape Town | FREE eBook Download

It's this time of the year. The time before the influx of Cape Town visitors. Many of these visitors are new to Cape Town. They have no clue what are some of the fun things to do in Cape Town. Over

Are You Tapping Into Cape Town Romantic Travel Market?

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Will The Quality Of Cape Town Accommodation Pictures Make You Rent Your Place?

How Important is Cape Town Accommodation Pictures? Cape Town holidaymakers are looking for accommodation and search for Cape Town

10 Top Tips That Can Make Accommodation Owners Successful Online

Tips Making Accommodation Owners Successful Online: [caption id="attachment_1783" align="aligncenter" width="610"]
Cape Town Design Capital 2014 Logo

Cape Town World Design Capital 2014 - Impact On Cape Town Tourism

How Will The Cape Town World Design Capital 2014 - Impact On Cape Town Tourism and Accommodation Providers? Today I'll Try And Answer What The Cape Town World Design Capital 2014 Is A

Foreigners Book 4 Days Cape Town Accommodation And Get One For Free

Cape Town is one of the cheapest cities when you consider Tripadvisor's ind

Accommodation Owner Cape Town; Who Are Your Guests And What Are Their Requirements?

Accommodation Owner Cape Town Marketing Ideas Since I published the article on the launch of a 

9 Top Accolades Lists Of The World Features Cape Town

You all agree that Cape Town is tops. But like anyone we like all the attention. And living in Cape Town and holidaying in Cape Town we all enjoy it when others from around the world

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