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Current Available Cape Town Homes For Peak Time - 4 Bedrooms

Dear Cape Town Home Owner This is an open letter to one of our Southern Suburb self-catering home-owners.

What is going on with the Cape Town Holiday Rental Market?

You know about Brexit, stronger rand, local elections, and winter. Let's discuss how these may impact the rental market

Setting Cape Town Self Catering Rates & Other – Michael Farr – Sun International

Setting Cape Town self catering accommodation rates. This is a skill. But a skill is useless if you if your ego runs wild. I have come across many owners who want the high rate without understan

Did You Ask The Bull What Happens When You Negotiate Cape Town Self Catering Rates?

Cape Town self catering rates negotiations: If you understand the bull fight then you'll understand how negotiable Cape Town self catering rates are. Let me tell you a joke to explain it:
Ellerman House

Is Cape Town As A Destination Getting Too Expensive?

Let's see what the Deutsche Bank, Cape Town homeowners and one enquiring client thinks.   Lets start with the client: He wanted 14 nights accommodation at R7000 per night for December (h
income vs cost

Managing Self Catering Accommodation: Our Ideal Cape Town Clients Maximise Income

Managing self-catering accommodation in Cape Town is one of the choices remote homeowners need to consider carefully. Today I want discuss one of the ways homeowners can qualify any Cape Town short

Setting Rates: Airbnb Is A Game You Play

Many Cape Town homeowners and accommodation owners ask us advice on Airbnb. It's critical that you play the Airbnb game. You need a great host, excellent and responsive marketing, great photos, compet

Self Catering Rates: Advice To Cape Town Home Owner: Learn To Crawl Before You Run

One of our very trusted and landords in Newlands asked me for advice on how to set rates for her luxury 10 sleeper holiday home in Newlands Cape Town. This is what she asked me: P

What We Do As Simonstown Holiday Letting Agents

Holiday Letting Agents Simonstown: What a pain to have a couple a million investment but you get no return from it. Yes, capital may gain but you are not tapping into the lucrative short-term rental

How To Establish & Calculate Self Catering Rental Rates When You Start Out

It's not easy to know how to set your short-term rental rates when you start out with your self catering accommodation. The other issues is that you don't know what your potential income would or shou
how to setting-self-catering-rates

Setting Self Catering Rates: Margins Or Searching For A Mirage?

This post is all about setting self catering rates when self catering owners start out marketing and they want to maximise their income. Other rules may apply if you just would like some form of
cape town self catering rates

Cape Town Self Catering Rates: How Long You Stay

You know Cape Town is popular. Very popular. And the most popular time is betwe

Cape Town Self Catering Accommodation Rates

What are Cape Town self catering accommodation rates? Today I will only discuss rates in general. Then in another post I would discuss rates per area, and then how length of stay affects your rate.
Beachfront holiday accommodation

How's Your Cape Town Bumper Season?

Yes. The season is upon us. And depending on your view it’s already over. We can now take a short break and then focus on 2014. At the end of the high-peak late bookings became frustrations. We cou

Setting Holiday Rental Rates: Does One Swallow Make A Summer?

Let's Look At Setting Holiday Rental Rates

Foreigners Book 4 Days Cape Town Accommodation And Get One For Free

Cape Town is one of the cheapest cities when you consider Tripadvisor's ind

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