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It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings - [Cape Town Accommodation Owners]

As you know we got worried as 2016 was running full steam ahead. Many Cape Town homes showed availability right through November and into early December. Wh
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Managing Self Catering Accommodation: Our Ideal Cape Town Clients Maximise Income

Managing self-catering accommodation in Cape Town is one of the choices remote homeowners need to consider carefully. Today I want discuss one of the ways homeowners can qualify any Cape Town short
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Buying Cape Town Property For Short Term Rental Income

The rental research we have done shows many homeowners who do a great job of marketing and management get 30% occupancy, most get 50% and those who do an exceptional job get 75% and more. If you activ

Self Catering Management in Cape Town: Relieve The Hassle And Earn From The Popularity

Today, if you don't get an income from the short term rental market then you are leaving a lot of money on the table. But to do that you may need a self catering management

Self Catering Rates: Advice To Cape Town Home Owner: Learn To Crawl Before You Run

One of our very trusted and landords in Newlands asked me for advice on how to set rates for her luxury 10 sleeper holiday home in Newlands Cape Town. This is what she asked me: P

Cape Town Self Catering Owner: 12 Home Setup Tips Get You Compliments Galore!

As a Cape Town Self Catering Owner, you want guests to be proud of your accommodation. There are always two types of owners; those who focus on making money and those who focus on having happy gu

Designed To Unfrustrate The Waiting For Self Catering Guests To Arrive

Meeting guests when they arrive or open the home for cleaners or maintenance guys: Your Your self catering agent can assist you. You can beg yourneigbours. You can ask your mother. You can cancel o

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