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What is going on with the Cape Town Holiday Rental Market?

You know about Brexit, stronger rand, local elections, and winter. Let's discuss how these may impact the rental market

Cape Town Self Catering Accommodation Rates

What are Cape Town self catering accommodation rates? Today I will only discuss rates in general. Then in another post I would discuss rates per area, and then how length of stay affects your rate.
Beachfront holiday accommodation

Cape Town The Best City in The World: The Consequences

I read everything on Cape Town. I have to because Cape Town is one of your chosen holiday destinations. But when I get regular newspaper listings saying Cape Town is the best then I get worried. And y
Beachfront holiday accommodation

How's Your Cape Town Bumper Season?

Yes. The season is upon us. And depending on your view it’s already over. We can now take a short break and then focus on 2014. At the end of the high-peak late bookings became frustrations. We cou
Number of south african millionaires

Clifton Cape Town Is The Place To Holiday With The Wealthy

Given the population Clifton Cape Town packs the most expensive real estate in South Africa.

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