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HolidayMakers Tips: Save Cape Town's Water - Every Drop Counts

We have a major water crisis in Cape Town.
Top Cape Town Restaurants 2015

Top Cape Town Restaurants 2015

Are these some of the top Cape Town restaurants 2015? No 1 must be The Test Kitchen. “The Test Kitchen continues to garner internationa
Local's guide to eating in Cape Town

Local's guide to eating in Cape Town

No matter your craving Tails of a Mermaid blogger Natalie Roos has a fix for you to discover in
Ellerman House

Is Cape Town As A Destination Getting Too Expensive?

Let's see what the Deutsche Bank, Cape Town homeowners and one enquiring client thinks.   Lets start with the client: He wanted 14 nights accommodation at R7000 per night for December (h

Looking for Accommodation in Clifton Cape Town Over December?

Accommodation in Clifton Cape Town Over December What a fun place to be over December. Accommodation in Clifton Cape Town over December is only for those who can afford a special treat. T

Looking For Houses To Rent December Simonstown?

You are looking for houses to rent December Simonstown. And if you are looking for December homes in Simonstown then I don't need to ask you if you know this beach? If you enjoy

Breakfast at Raith in Constantia

One of the best breakfasts ever at Raith in Constantia. The Cape Holiday family team decided to meet for a late morning breakfast at Raith in Constantia.

Cape Town Is Nearly 2000 km Further From The Ebola Risk Than London

The world is a small place and at times (most times) pretty stupid. We had a party of 8 from Europe coming to Cape Town but the cancelled because of the so called Cape Town Ebola risk. If you look at
Fun Things To Do In Cape Town

Top Fun Things To Do In Cape Town As Shared By Others Like Conde Nast

Let me start with a summary by Conde Nast announcing the Top 25 Cities in the World: Readers’ Choice Awards 2014

About Your 2014 Cape Town Holiday

You can be anywhere and have a great new years party. But Cape Town is one party all times. So if you have not booked we have some homes left in Kommetjie, St James, Simonstown, the Southern Suburbs a
cape town travel_kids

SA Visa Rules For Travelling With Minors Delayed

Great news if you are travelling with kids from or to South Africa. In a
planning ideas cape town

Have You Made These Checks Before Traveling To Cape Town?

Are you planning your trip to Cape Town? I hope you have asked us to find you a
traveling-with-kids-to-cape-town south africa

Are You Traveling With Kids To Cape Town Or South Africa Under 18?

New Immigration rules impacting travel with children who are under the age of 18  

Have You Seen Cape Town From The Top Of the Ritz?

The Ritz has been part of Sea Point’s skyline for over 3 decades but it’s never been my answer to “Where shall we have dinner tonight? [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640"]
Simonstown Sunrise

What's Your Sunrise Like?

Every morning you wake up and what do you see? Smog, or your neighbours face? How long can you see nothing? The other day one of our Cape Town holiday maker's said he wanted a house with a view. If no

3 Top Best Restaurants in Cape Town Area - Have You Been?

These 3 Cape Town restaurants have made it to the top 100 fine dining restaurants in the world. The
Camps Bay C

Why Does Sean Penn Visit Cape Town?

The answer is obvious. Sean Penn is like everyone else. They love Cape Town. There's something magical about Cape Town. Is it the mountain? The people? The Camps Bay beac

Cape Town Suburbs Map - Plan Your Holiday

Why another Cape Town suburbs map? We have many clients who want to visit Cape Town but does not know that Cape Point is part of Cape Town and more than 60 mins away from Cape Town CBD. And the confus
cape town self catering rates

Cape Town Self Catering Rates: How Long You Stay

You know Cape Town is popular. Very popular. And the most popular time is betwe

Cape Town Self Catering Accommodation Rates

What are Cape Town self catering accommodation rates? Today I will only discuss rates in general. Then in another post I would discuss rates per area, and then how length of stay affects your rate.
Beachfront holiday accommodation

Joburg Has Cash Cape Town Has Class As Long As We Don't Get Blunt

Last week I told you how popular Cape Town is. And it never en
Beachfront holiday accommodation

Cape Town The Best City in The World: The Consequences

I read everything on Cape Town. I have to because Cape Town is one of your chosen holiday destinations. But when I get regular newspaper listings saying Cape Town is the best then I get worried. And y
Beachfront holiday accommodation

If You Are In Cape Town You Are Lucky Enough

Yes it's the season. Everyone is in Cape Town. Let me qualify. Everyone who was lucky enough to find accommodation is in Cape Town. We had a very tough time trying to find accommodation for last minut

Let The Madiba Spirit Be With You During Your Festive Cape Town Holidays

You are on your way to Cape Town. Or let me say many of you are. It's going to be great and you cannot wait.

Are You Going To Braai Fresh Fish In Cape Town?

If in Cape Town you can do many things. But if you do

Cape Town Safety For Tourists: Are You The Naive Cape Town Holiday Maker?

Cape Town Safety For Tourists: Are You Responsible? You have packed your bags. You have bought the plane ticket. You have booked your Cape Town

A Must Visit: Cape Town's Luck Of The Pot - Pot Luck Club Cape Town

Have you been to Pot Luck Club Cape Town? One of the restaurants not to be missed out - during your next visit. Living in Cape Town we can go there throughout the year but you may not ge

Learn How You Can Stay Connected This Holiday - Mobile WiFi

It’s holiday time in Cape Town. Everyone has booked holiday accommodation long time ago. And very disappointed are the later sleepers. Sorry. But for those who are luc

Cycling from Simon’s Town to Cape of Good Hope

It's summer in Cape Town. But who cares. As they say if you are in Cape Town you are lucky enough. Don't you agree? Everyone wants to be in Cape Town! You have booked you
Fun things to do in Cape Town

Fun Things To Do In Cape Town | FREE eBook Download

It's this time of the year. The time before the influx of Cape Town visitors. Many of these visitors are new to Cape Town. They have no clue what are some of the fun things to do in Cape Town. Over

All You Want To Know About Simonstown

Cape Town: Where would I rather be? This post is all about Simonstown and is intended for those new t
10 top things to do in cape town

Top 10 Things To Do In Cape Town As Suggested By Others

A list of Top 10 Things To Do In Cape Town as suggested by Cape Town Authorities [caption id="attachment_3009" align="aligncenter" width="750"]

What To Do In Cape Town - When On Holiday

When on holiday in Cape Town you have a lot of time. Relatively. And you can do a lot.

Why "The Surprisingly Spectacular Clifton Cape Town Beach"?

Yes! Why Surprisingly? Clifton Cape Town Beach Has Been Compared To St Tropez! [caption id="attachment_2612" align="aligncenter" width="700"]

The Inquisitive Striped Mice And Your Cape Town Holiday

Let me tell you a story about myself. I grew up on a farm. My mother had a pet shop. And we had pet chicks and chickens for the pot. Piglets to play with and crispy bacon for breakfast. We knew where

Holiday In Kommetjie Cape Town Western Cape South Africa

Rural Beach Destination: Kommetjie Cape Town Western Cape South Africa

How Do You Love This Sea Point Apartment For Two?

When you spend money on accommodation in Cape Town you want value for your money. You want the real thing. But

What's The Best Area To Stay in Cape Town?

Good Question: What's The Best Area To Stay in Cape Town? [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="661"]

Cape Town: Where would I rather be?

The Cape Town rain. The Cape Town wind. Where would I rather be? [caption id="attachment_1807" align="aligncenter" width="800"]
Great Guesthouse Kalk Bay Cape Town

Is Table Mountain Symbolic To The Mandela Spirit

“During the many years of incarceration on Robben Island, we often lo

Foreigners Book 4 Days Cape Town Accommodation And Get One For Free

Cape Town is one of the cheapest cities when you consider Tripadvisor's ind

Cape Town Holidays | 2 Places That Should Be Included in Your Itinerary

As the second most populated city in the whole of South Africa, only beaten by Johannesburg, Cape Town is an exciting and diverse destination for tourists from across the globe. Located on the shore o

9 Top Accolades Lists Of The World Features Cape Town

You all agree that Cape Town is tops. But like anyone we like all the attention. And living in Cape Town and holidaying in Cape Town we all enjoy it when others from around the world
Number of south african millionaires

Clifton Cape Town Is The Place To Holiday With The Wealthy

Given the population Clifton Cape Town packs the most expensive real estate in South Africa.

3 Of The Most Wind Protected Accommodation Areas In Cape Town

Where are the most wind protected areas in Cape Town? [caption id="attachment_1397" align="aligncenter" width="800"]

5 Reasons To Choose Self Catering Over A Cape Town Hotel

Do you really need room service? Fancy breakfasts? A concierge? A pool? Or is local flavour more important to you? Are You Paying For Value? And will it last? [caption id="" align="alig
Cape Town Black Taxi

Cape Town Is Great! Read Why International Travel Writers Agree

I read some really interesting travel blogs lately. The idea was to get inspiration from great writers. And my focus was on Cape Town. Obviously. But what these writers had to say about Cape Town surp

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