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Ellerman House

Is Cape Town As A Destination Getting Too Expensive?

Let's see what the Deutsche Bank, Cape Town homeowners and one enquiring client thinks.   Lets start with the client: He wanted 14 nights accommodation at R7000 per night for December (h
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Have You Made These Checks Before Traveling To Cape Town?

Are you planning your trip to Cape Town? I hope you have asked us to find you a
traveling-with-kids-to-cape-town south africa

Are You Traveling With Kids To Cape Town Or South Africa Under 18?

New Immigration rules impacting travel with children¬†who are under the age of 18  
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Why Does Sean Penn Visit Cape Town?

The answer is obvious. Sean Penn is like everyone else. They love Cape Town. There's something magical about Cape Town. Is it the mountain? The people? The Camps Bay beac

Let The Madiba Spirit Be With You During Your Festive Cape Town Holidays

You are on your way to Cape Town. Or let me say many of you are. It's going to be great and you cannot wait.

What's The Best Area To Stay in Cape Town?

Good Question: What's The Best Area To Stay in Cape Town? [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="661"]

Cape Town: Where would I rather be?

The Cape Town rain. The Cape Town wind. Where would I rather be? [caption id="attachment_1807" align="aligncenter" width="800"]

Cape Town Holidays | 2 Places That Should Be Included in Your Itinerary

As the second most populated city in the whole of South Africa, only beaten by Johannesburg, Cape Town is an exciting and diverse destination for tourists from across the globe. Located on the shore o

3 Of The Most Wind Protected Accommodation Areas In Cape Town

Where are the most wind protected areas in Cape Town? [caption id="attachment_1397" align="aligncenter" width="800"]

5 Reasons To Choose Self Catering Over A Cape Town Hotel

Do you really need room service? Fancy breakfasts? A concierge? A pool? Or is local flavour more important to you? Are You Paying For Value? And will it last? [caption id="" align="alig

A Californian Encountering Africa And Sharks In Cape Town

I met this Californian guy called Chris via TripAdvisor. Chris had a lot of q

Just how safe is Cape Town for Tourists?

The million dollar question: How safe us Cape Town for Tourists? I read many questions about how safe is Cape Town for Tourists. This is not an easy question, but I have asked a very wise Cap

Why I Wakeup Before Sunrise In Simon's Town

As you may know Simon's Town is a small village, it's part of the

3 First Time Visitors To Cape Town Questions

First Timer Holidaymakers to Cape Town have so many questions. And what a pleasure when they ask, because we - so-called Cape Town homemakers take most things for granted. So, if you have a Cape Town
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Why Choose Cape Town in South Africa as a holiday destination?

Why Choose Cape Town in South Africa as a holiday destination? The many reasons why Cape Town is a popular holiday destination Have a look here...

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