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Breakfast at Raith in Constantia

One of the best breakfasts ever at Raith in Constantia. The Cape Holiday family team decided to meet for a late morning breakfast at Raith in Constantia.
Camps Bay C

Why Does Sean Penn Visit Cape Town?

The answer is obvious. Sean Penn is like everyone else. They love Cape Town. There's something magical about Cape Town. Is it the mountain? The people? The Camps Bay beac
Beachfront holiday accommodation

Cape Town The Best City in The World: The Consequences

I read everything on Cape Town. I have to because Cape Town is one of your chosen holiday destinations. But when I get regular newspaper listings saying Cape Town is the best then I get worried. And y

Let The Madiba Spirit Be With You During Your Festive Cape Town Holidays

You are on your way to Cape Town. Or let me say many of you are. It's going to be great and you cannot wait.

What's The Best Area To Stay in Cape Town?

Good Question: What's The Best Area To Stay in Cape Town? [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="661"]

Cape Town: Where would I rather be?

The Cape Town rain. The Cape Town wind. Where would I rather be? [caption id="attachment_1807" align="aligncenter" width="800"]

Cape Town Holidays | 2 Places That Should Be Included in Your Itinerary

As the second most populated city in the whole of South Africa, only beaten by Johannesburg, Cape Town is an exciting and diverse destination for tourists from across the globe. Located on the shore o

9 Top Accolades Lists Of The World Features Cape Town

You all agree that Cape Town is tops. But like anyone we like all the attention. And living in Cape Town and holidaying in Cape Town we all enjoy it when others from around the world
Cape Town Black Taxi

Cape Town Is Great! Read Why International Travel Writers Agree

I read some really interesting travel blogs lately. The idea was to get inspiration from great writers. And my focus was on Cape Town. Obviously. But what these writers had to say about Cape Town surp

Can You Assist Me With Where to Stay in Cape Town and with Things To Do?

We get the following questions regularly? But how do we honestly answer questions like Can You Assist Me With Where to Stay in Cape Town and Things To Do? This question not remind you of the shotgu

A Californian Encountering Africa And Sharks In Cape Town

I met this Californian guy called Chris via TripAdvisor. Chris had a lot of q

What Does It Mean When They Say Slowdown It's Cape Town #SDiCT? #LoveCapeTown

Slowdown It's Cape Town #SDiCT? But what meaning dioes it have to Cape Townians and people who love Cape Town? Can we say that Cape Town creates a Counterculture?

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