Free Resource Guide: 10 Ideas On How To Maximise Self Catering Income. (HASSLE FREE)

​Hi Cape Town Homeowner

Great to know you are interested in learning more about maximising self-catering income. 

You know that Cape Town is popular. Extremely popular. And self-catering accommodation is massive. The listing company, Airbnb's, total self-catering listings in Cape Town is more than the second biggest Airbnb country in Africa. And growing fast. ISouth Africa Airbnb grew by 163% in one year.

I am sure that you want to tap into this very profitable opportunity but where do you start? 

You may have invested in a home for holiday purposes but not getting a return on it. It's great to have a lovely home in Camps Bay. But maintaining your home is expensive. Why not get a return on it while also using it when you want?

What are the risks?

  • You are worried about allowing people you don't know into your home.
  • Legal and insurance issues
  • Marketing and management.
  • Payment, rates, breakage deposits and protecting your risks

You'll get all the answers

Anna Bucannan Homeowner

Johan and Elmarie Horak (Cape Holidays) have been acting as agent on behalf of Welgelee Luxury Self Catering for the last year. It has been a great success. They are both constantly cheerful and light-hearted and simultaneously ruthlessly efficient and reliable. I have only the highest praise for them and the ethical and straightforward way in which they conduct business.

Let me say....

......there is nothing wrong with being concerned. Most people would feel the same when they first list their accommodation.  It's like being 13 and going on your first date. You have no clue what to expect. And then a year or ten down the line your date has become a bore :)

I am making fun of relationships. The idea is that after a while you will say: If I knew how easy it would be I would not have been so scared at the time. 

Being naive would be irresponsible. It can become tough. But that's why good cooks stay and face the heat. 

To make it easier we created this 10 part resource guide to introduce you to most of the self catering issues you may have. And learn more about the hassle free option to maximise income even if you are far away.

You can get access to all ten ideas today. But I will also drip feed you one every day for the next ten days. Below the ideas to address some of your concerns.....


  • Where and how to list your accommodation.
  • Will your accommodation qualify?
  • Which owners should not even bother listing their accommodation.
  • How owners can protect their interests
  • What income can owners expect?
  • How to setup your home to ensure happy guests?
  • Who will manage your home?
  • Will giving sole marketing maximise your income?
  • What are the costs involved for marketing and managing your home?

We have made the free resources available as premium content.

Not any Tom can read it.

True Cape Town accommodation owners interested in maximising their self-catering home's income and who needs a no hassle property management solution can access the premium content below

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