Photo tips when marketing your Cape Town self catering accommodation

The other day two self catering owners asked me why their places have not been booked for December. The following are my responses where I only focus on photos as a possible issue. There may be other reasons as well, but we can discuss that another time.

Elmarie viewed the home and said it was a wow home. But looking at the photos again – very critically – I am not getting the wow mentioned. They are just okay. In hindsight this may be one of the causes. I don’t know. I feel the photos may make the place look small and like just another house.  And this bedroom looks very personal. People who rent your home are not interested in photos of your kids, mother or grand mother – even if she is funny. It may even be resisted.
Photos at sunset when the light is not so bright and having lights on at the home, next to beds creates an ambiance.
Having white linen makes any room great – add to that the correct light with flowers vase etc this place can become romantic. White linen is so easy and so effective. Invest in it – we can tell you where to get the best deal.
Taking photos from the furthest corner of lounge or bedrooms are one way of increasing the feel.
And the other homeowner who sent me a few photos to update her listing. Here are the photos and my comments:
Looking at the photo below:
The outside light is too harsh here. It’s better to take photos very early or very late. If you cannot then close doors and windows. Try and take photos indoors from corners to increase the apparent size.
Inline image 2
Below we can see how the sun causes high contrast. If you took these later in the day with the bedside lights on you will create a much more romantic place.
Inline image 3
The following photo is interesting as it uses the door to frame the photo. This gives credibility to the photo and sets the scene. My comment, “I get the feeling for what you wanted to do here but try and walk closer and try landscape at most times”.
Inline image 4
If this photo is cropped it will look a lot better
Inline image 5


October 9, 2014


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