Self Catering Management in Cape Town: Relieve The Hassle And Earn From The Popularity

Today, if you don’t get an income from the short term rental market then you are leaving a lot of money on the table. But to do that you may need a self catering management agency in Cape Town who may be small, but very effective.
Let me give you an introduction of how we can assist you with self catering management. We can go into more details if you want later.
Self Catering Management entails a lot.
Summary: We get qualified clients, they pay us 50% deposit within 48 hours. And we pay you less our commission as soon as the money shows. The guest signs a time-tested agreement and indemnity. 30 days before arrival we get the last 50%.
Arrival: Although we meet our clients it’s important to get a keysafe as guests throw keys away and arrive when they want to. The keysafe also cut costs. (Each situation is evaluated to see if it can be done or not).
A comprehensive book is needed with all your rules; rubbish removal, electricity, dstv (you can opt for the holiday package), wifi password, pool etc. What to do and what not. As friendly as possible. And no signs or warnings on walls 🙁
Cleaning: We suggest a linen change once a week. Three sets of linen and towels. We manage these. If you have a maid then let us know.
When we meet the clients we share with them the house rules and how to respect neighbours and keep the place in good shape. All issues they may have we manage.
When they leave we check and clean and pay back their breakage deposit if all okay.
The linen is taken in for washing, the house cleaned for the next stay.
All maintenance, garden and pool guys we manage. We can appoint external contractors or use your own.
We have an option where you pay for each incident or we increase our commission and you pay an all inclusive rate to manage and market your home.
We need to know everything about your home as we are only interested in well-maintained attractive homes. We have our own set of criteria and will visit your home if you are interested.
Photos: We will appoint a professional to take photos if you don’t have your own professional photos. Without great photos we may as well not start.
Let me give you an introduction to marketing.
We have a passive option and a pro-active option.
  1. Passive is where you we are required to verify each enquiry with you, we market it, if and when we have an enquiry meeting what your house offers. We publish it on our site and can add it to local sites if you agree. 
  2. Pro-active is where we try and maximise your income and go out of our way to make it available to guests who can afford your home. Our first aim is to get 33% occupancy and then 50%. But we can tweak this for your own benefit and need of the house.
To maximise income, we share your house with 400 other agents, a few highly successful international websites. We can market it locally, but these sites tend to drive very few leads. CapeStay is R2990 to kick off with and the only R990 – a no-brainer. If you get one deal you’ll pay for it with a smile. And you should get more than one. The other sites are mostly a waste. Safarinow needs to revamp their method.
As you know; people are most emotionally willing to buy when they are searching for accommodation. This is the time we need to give them the opportunity to do that. What we do is make the availability calendar and rates rules available on life booking sites.
This means that if they booked it we cannot decline. I few allow it but most not. This means that you will have to pre-book your stays in advance. Or book when it’s not booked. As long as you check with us first all will be fine.
If you don’t want us to solely manage the availability calendar and keep its integrity (implies passive marketing) it will make a massive negative impact on your growth rate and on your potential income. But each landord’s situation is unique and we can adapt to meet your needs.
Self Catering Management in Cape Town choices:
  1. Would you like to discuss these options further?
  2. Do you want passive marketing or pro-active marketing (maximise income)?
  3. Do you want us to manage or do you want to manage and we only market?

List Your Cape Town Self Catering Accommodation HERE.

January 31, 2015


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