10 Lovely Simonstown Holiday Homes To Rent

October 18, 2012 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Holiday Homes

Simonstown Holiday Homes To Rent

Simonstown Holiday Homes To Rent

So you are looking for Simonstown holiday homes to rent. That’s great news. We live in Simon’s Town after we moved here in 2007. And we know each Simon’s Town holiday home personally. We know the owners. And that’s why we believe we can give you peace of mind.

  1. The home you found may be booked and you don’t have to worry as we have alternatives for you.
  2. The home you see on our site is the home you’ll see when you arrive at it. As a third party we ensure this for you.

Searching for Simonstown holiday homes to rent can be done by going through this list of Simon’s Town holiday accommodation or using our free no-obligation home finder service where we meet your holiday needs with our local knowledge of every Simon’s Town holiday rental.

I will now list a few Simonstown Holiday Homes to rent just to wet your appetite:



  • Modern Luxury Rental House Simonstown Ideal Holiday Accommodation Sleeps 8 #BKK This is a minimalist styled home, obviously with no clutter. It feels like a holiday home and not a personal den of the owner. I find it creepy when family photos of the owner look down on me in a holiday home. This one you’ll find none. The home is large and the 8 holiday makers will have privacy if the need it. Lovely place with great views in the upmarket Suburb of Simonstown – above the village.Simon's Town Holiday Homes To Rent


  • Ultimate Honeymoon Suite In Simon’s Town #B When we listed this holiday rental for two I could imagine being on honeymoon. It’s such a lovely apartment with great views and lots and lots of privacy. You’ll feel like being in a 5 start hotel but all on your own.

    Simonstown holiday homes to rent


  • Holiday Cottages Simonstown in Victorian Charm Sleeps 4 #5499One of the great  holiday cottages Simonstown offering a fusion of Victorian charm. This is a real historic looking Simon’s Town holiday rental without being pretentious. If you like a warm welcoming and private holiday home with great views then I recommend this lovely place. Simonstown Holiday Homes To Rent



Now that you have seen images of these 10 Simonstown Holiday Homes To Rent what’s the verdict? Do you like these holiday homes? Which one do you like most? Use the comment area and tell me. My personal favourite is house number one.

Have Great Holiday Fun

Johan Horak

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P.P.S. Let’s match your holiday needs with our intimate knowledge of all our holiday homes. Use this Free No Obligation Holiday Home Finder Service


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