10 Top Tips That Can Make Accommodation Owners Successful Online

Tips Making Accommodation Owners Successful Online:

  1. Accommodation Owners respond immediately to enquiries; they are available via email, or phone. [pullquote position=”right”]If I have two homes that fit my client’s needs then I’ll choose the owner who answers my calls, my emails in no time.[/pullquote] If I have to wait a day then I have lost the opportunity.
  2. You have an up to date availability calendar: I know, without phoning the owner, if the accommodation is available or not. Do you have an online calendar? If I have to choose I chose the accommodation with the up to date online calendar.  (I have created a free calendar for one of our home owners here. In a future blog post [pullquote position=”right”]I will show you how to create your own free calendar that you can use independently [/pullquote]- on your own website and at your listing at CapeHolidays.Info. If you can’t wait and want to start such a calendar today then let me know and I will set your calendar up – gratis. Use the contact form below and I will start immediately.
  3. Are you negotiable? None flexible homeowners don’t get the deal. If a holidaymaker is willing to pay then fine. But if it’s slow season and you justify and complain then I give the business to the owner who is willing make the deal happen.
  4. Slow season rates: Most successful accommodation owners run at between 66% and 75% off their peak rate during slow season. Their aim is to cover running costs and they aggressively market that. Use the contact form below and let’s update your rates.
  5. Do you do short stays? During the low season some people are not interested in short stays. And I understand that there are many reason why you cannot do short stays. But winter months can pay for your overheads if you do stays of 3 days and shorter. Go short and use the form below to tell me.
  6. Do you advertise specials? According to my research people are looking for Cape Town accommodation specials and winter specials. Owners are welcome to get their Cape Town accommodation specials listed here.
  7. You have invested in professional photos of your accommodation: If holidaymakers have to choose between two similar Clifton beach properties they will always choose the one with the best photos….and the one with the most photos. Get the best photos and don’t compromise.
  8. Personalize your accommodation’s advertisement: Holidaymakers find you because of the words you use to describe your accommodation – via Google. But they enquire about your accommodation because you have given them a full (400- 500 word) story on your accommodation. Personalise your description: it can be enriched by elements such as accommodation’s main points, a list of things to do in the region, suggestions and advice about activities in the area.
  9. Ask for testimonials and share them on your site and at CapeHolidays. Testimonials are one of the tools to create trust. Reviews and testimonials are by far the most important thing you can put in front of potential guests (well, after pictures). Source.
  10. Do you have an interactive map showing the location of your accommodation? Without a map your neighbour will grab your booking. At CapeHolidays.Info all accommodation has its own map.

July 9, 2013


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