2 Criteria For High Short-Term Rentals in Cape Town


You may be wondering why your self-catering home is not renting out as fast as you would like to see it go. Today I am going to share  two major criteria that have the most impact. After that we can discuss what can be done.

Given Cape Town’s popularity any Tom, Dick or Harry could rent a Cape Town home during December-January peak time. But what is the criteria for high short-term rentals? In other words: What will make your place sell like hot cake? Ask the following two questions. If your answer is no to both you will be competing with many other hopeful owners.

  1. Is your accommodation on the beach?
  2. Does your accommodation have a pool?

These are the two most important things to ensuring high rentals of short term accommodation in Cape Town.

  • Without a pool, your place will be one of the last to go or one of the slowest. It’s obvious that a neighbour with the same house with a pool will rent out more and at a higher rate than yours without a pool.
  • If your home is on the beach you don’t need a pool but your neighbour with the same house with a pool will rent his sooner.
  • On the beach means on the beach. Across the road from the beach can work.

If you don’t have a pool or your place is not on the beach then you have the following reasonably sensible options if you want a fair income over a year:

  1. Add a pool or splash pool. Also consider a jacuzzi, as this is one thing people love esp in winter.
  2. Reduce your income expectations and drop your rates because your are competing with 1000’s of other similar homes. During winter, it gets worse, as most self-catering homes reduce rates by 66% making it harder to compete.
  3. Find something that will differentiate your home in a unique way. It may be your location to the University, hospital, or Cape Town International Convention Center, Green Point Stadium etc.
  4. Try and add more sleeping place if you can. Most homes are 3 bedrooms and without a pool or beach location you will find it difficult. I suggest you add two bunk beds in one room – now you are flexible to sleep 6 or 8.

You may have ideas of your own. Please comment below.




The CapeHolidays.Info Team



June 24, 2015


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