14 Holiday Things To Do With Kids In Cape Town

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14 Holiday Things To Do With Kids In Cape Town


Holiday things to do with kids as a family. (image credit above)

The idea is that you either travel from Cape Town to the Southern Peninsula to take part in these kid holiday activities or you base yourself in the Southern Peninsula in holiday accommodation. Like Simonstown or Kommetjie.

At the end of the list I share a map with you.

1) Two Oceans Aquarium – This is a fun place for kids. And to the extreme; kids older than 12 years with a divers card and do shark-cage-diving. (image credit)

Waterfront +27 (0)21 418 3823. The Aquarium is open 365 days a year from 09h30 until 18h00.

2) The Scratch Patch – Simonstown and Waterfront – +27 (0)21 786 2020

Scratch Patch Holiday Things To Do With Kids In Cape Town

This blogger describes the experience at the scratch patch well.

Tucked away off the main drag in Simon’s Town on the Cape is….the world famous Scratch Patch. What, you ask, is the Scratch Patch? I still am not sure myself, but I know that I spent over 2 hours there with two small boys who must have touched every one of three million polished stones before they picked out their own precious collections of special rocks.

3) Penguins at Simonstown Boulders Beach. If the weather is great they can swim with the penguins or at least at their home beach. (image credit). Holiday Things To Do With Kids In Cape Town

These African Penguins are a rare treat. There’s a lovely protected area for these animals and you and your kids can join them at the beach for a swim. This beach is one of the best Cape Town has to offer. But you need time to allow kids to enjoy it and I recommend you stay over in Simon’s Town holiday accommodation if you like share Cape Town nature things with the kids.

4) You may even see whales on your way to Simonstown.

Not so long ago we were privileged to have a pod of Killer Whales. They were seen from boats in Simonstown and from the road.  At the time they were chasing dolphins.

Occasional Orcas, but mostly Southern Right whales are seen along the main beach road when you are travelling from Cape Town via Simonstown, to Cape Point, Scarborough, Kommetjie, Noordhoek, Hout Bay, back to Cape Town.

You may not always see whales from the road – but in season you’ll always see whales from Dave’s licensed boat company. Out of season there are other boat trips to Seal Island or an adrenaline trip if your kids enjoy that.

5) If they enjoy a nature drive then going past Simonstown to Cape Point. Cape Point is a lovely nature reserve with wild animals. Nice walks to the most south western tip of Africa.

Holiday Things To Do With Kids In Cape Town

On your way to Cape Point the chances are great that you’ll see Chacma Baboons along the road.

Close all your windows and lock your car doors and never feed them. Just watch them. They are fun to watch but will steal your stuff. These baboons look harmless but they are only interested in your food. And they will grab it. Treat them as wild animals – at a safe distance 😉

7) Ostrich Farm Cape Point. Just as you turn out of Cape Point Nature reserve towards Scarborough, on your left, is the Ostrich Farm. Here you can watch these odd birds with your kids. If you are lucky you may even see ostrich chicks and they are always a winner with smaller kids.

8) If you choose the right time then take the steam train from Cape Town to Simonstown – they run every second Sunday +27 21 556-1012. But they are booked out well in advance. Book today.

This is family fun. You can read my post on the steam train from Cape Town to Simon’s Town here.

9) If you drive from Cape Point along the beach to Noord Hoek  you’ll get Imhoff Farm. This is a great place to eat and the kids could ride Camels. You can even arrange horse riding Imhoff Equestrian Centre if the kids can do this. (image credit)

8) From Cape Point you can stop at Noordhoek Farm Village with lots of free activities for kids while you have a meal.

Noordhoek Farm Village is becoming well-known as one of the most popular family friendly destinations in the Cape. The playground at Noordhoek Farm Village was carefully designed by Living Matter to accommodate various age groups with suitable activities and safety features. The high activity zones for bigger children are physically separated from the low activity zones for children of lower ages and the space was opened up to ensure that parental visual contact is available from any location in the playground and from Cafe Roux.

11) Hout Bay Seal Island Trip

The boat trip from Hout Bay to seal island is an inexpensive adventure for adults and kids. And what I like about is that you’ll see a lot and it only takes an hour. (image credit):

12) Wold Of Birds Sanctuary And Monkey Park In Hout Bay

If your kids love colourful birds and small animals then take them here. But remember to bring cameras with. There’s a lot of opportunities to see amazing birds.

13) Going up Table Mountain with the cable car is a must. Depending on the weather. Kids and families love the trip and the view from above worth it. Always check if the cable car is active as the Cape weather may interfere.

Also see if there are any valid kid seasons as you may just hit a bargain trip for the kids.

Here’s a Google Map for you with the places indicated. The routes you take are not important. But I always suggest the coastal routes. From Cape Town travel to Muizenberg, then to Kalk Bay through Fish Hoek to Simon’s Town. Watch out for whales. Then off to Cape Point, the Ostrich Farm, Scarborough, Kommetjie, Noord Hoek to Hout Bay and back to Cape Town.

View Things to do with kids in Cape Town in a larger map

There are many more holiday things to do with kids In Cape Town.

Let me know what kind of activities you like and let’s meet that with what the kids like.

Have fun

Johan Horak

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  1. Jade said on January 6, 2013 12:15 am:

    Cape Town is really a beautiful place, favorite location is the aquarium would really like to visit one day

  2. Johan Horak said on January 6, 2013 10:01 am:

    Hi Jade

    Thanks for the comment. The Two Oceans Aquarium is very popular.

  3. Walter Jayanth said on March 23, 2013 1:22 pm:

    Wow ! Nice Photos. Looks like they’re from a professional cameraman. What camera did you use?

    Especially the one with the monkey :-)))

  4. Marco said on April 23, 2013 3:37 pm:

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    We have games at various levels of skill and at all age levels. Our games is suitable for the whole family, hence our name; “Family Games” Everything is mobile, and can be brought and collected where necessary

    My question is this; how do I list my small business on your website?

    Many Thanks

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