About Your 2014 Cape Town Holiday

October 9, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Articles,Cape Town Holiday Makers

You can be anywhere and have a great new years party. But Cape Town is one party all times. So if you have not booked we have some homes left in Kommetjie, St James, Simonstown, the Southern Suburbs and a few expensive ones on the Atlantic.

But if you are already packing your bags then good for you. We are looking forward to your friendly smiles. Some or other serious dude said, “Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.” ― Alexander Pope

Just think how much fun your holiday can be when you just let go – even when everything is not the idyllic island you expected. Cape Town is great, but it will not solve your baggage.

  1. I see our government has postponed the strict visa rules for kids travelling with you.
  2. If you get to your accommodation you may have to go out shopping. What a waste. Why not ask you agent, homeowner if they could help. You arrange and pay Woolies or Pick n Pay to deliver food to your agent’s address the day before you arrive. They can deliver when you arrive – there may be odd reason why this cannot be done, but why not ask.
  3. Security: Many people are so paranoid. In Cape Town we seem to a be little less worried about protecting everything. It could be because we have less to hide. This does not mean you should come to Cape Town as naïve as dumb brick. Do what is needed and look after your stuff. We don’t have high walls too hide behind. We don’t all have garages. Our cars are happy in the street. They are not alone. We all get along. But we don’t sleep walk.
  4. Don’t speed – Cape Town – needs money and speedsters pay.
  5. Have fun – it’s easy. The easy fun places can be found when you stop driving and start slowing down.
  6.  If you have issues with your accommodation, when you arrive, don’t wait for tomorrow to hide your resentment – tell the owner or your agent today! Being a nice guy will bring you nowhere. You paid.

We are looking forward to your visit.

The Horak Team at CapeHolidays.Info

Johan Horak