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Southern Right Whale Facts – We all want to watch whales near Cape Town in places like Simon’s Town or Hermanus. But what are all the interesting facts on Southern Right Whales? Here are a

Here are some great Whale Facts I got from mirandazhao.

  • The Southern Right whales breeding season is between June to November.
  • The best time to watch Southern Rights Whales are early August to mid October, when they swim from the middle of South Atlantic Ocean to the coast of South Africa.
  • The female Southern Right whale is usually larger than the male whale.
  • The males are on average 15.2 m and the females 16.5 m long.
  • One Southern Right whale female whale normally has two mates to ensure pregnancy (another curiosity!).
  • Female Southern Right whales breed every 3-4 years.
  • Southern Right whale calves are 4-6 meters long and weigh 1 ton!
  • These right whales don’t have breasts, they feed the calves by pushing the milk out into the water.
  • Southern Right Whale milk is extremely thick and full of fat (40%), it doesn’t mix with the water so the baby whales can easily drink the milk!
  • Baby whales grow fast – usually double the length in a year. Imagine all that fattening milk!
  • The adult whales don’t eat during breeding season.
  • When whales are in the breeding area (for about 3 months), they burn 40 centimeters of fat to support their metabolism.
  • The Southern Right whale is protected today, there are still some potential dangers.
  • The most common whale danger is collision with big boats. Whenever you are within 100 meters of the whale, the engine must be turned off.
  • Pollution can also do harm to the whales. They can sometimes get caught by the fisherman’s nets.
  • Even today, whaling is exist in some cultures. In Japan, whaling is common.
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  • Southern Right Whales have the largest testes and penises of any living thing.
  • Southern Right Whales were called right whales because in the days of open-boat whaling with hand harpoons they were the ‘right’ ones to catch.
  • The entire world population of southern right whales only numbers several thousand.
  • The original Southern Right whale population before whaling of more than 100,000.
  • Since hunting ceased, stocks are estimated to have grown by 7% a year.
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  • Whales, like dolphins communicate with sonar.
  • The lifespan of the Southern Right whale is estimated to be 90 – 100 years.
  • In the late 1930s, more than 50,000 whales (all types) were killed annually.
  • More than 25,000 whales have been killed since the Moratorium was supposed to come into force. Source.
  • Japanese claim to be undertaking research by killing whales.
There’s a lot of interesting Southern Right Whale facts at Wikipedia as well. My intention was not to list them all but to share some interesting ones with you.
Which of the facts I shared are the most interesting? Share your interesting whale facts in the comment area.
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Have Whale Fun Near Cape Town in Simon’s Town.

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