3 Of The Most Wind Protected Accommodation Areas In Cape Town

May 24, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Cape Town Holiday Questions

Where are the most wind protected areas in Cape Town?

Cape Town Wind

Cape Town Trees: If you see a tree like this then you are not in a wind free area 😉

Good question. People will argue all day long. And no one will agree. But let me tell you there are areas in Cape Town where the wind blows less. A lot less than others. Here’s my list of wind protected areas to choose for your next Cape Town holiday.

Kalk Bay:

Kalk Bay Wind

Kalk Bay

We live in Simon’s Town and always drive to Kalk Bay when the wind wind our ears off. Kalk Bay is only a 15 mins drive from Simon’s Town but when we get there it’s like a windless summer – most of the time.

A friend, and pilot, once told us that the wind you feel is due to the direction of the prevailing wind and the angle at which the wind hits the mountain. In Simonstown the mountain runs along the direction of the prevailing South Easter. And the wind pass through us like knife through butter, all along the edge of the mountain side.

But when you look at the Kalk Bay mountains; the prevailing South Easter comes along and hits the mountain at nearly 90 degrees. That’s like knocking your head fast and continuously on a rock. And the wind does not like that. So what it does it creates a pocket of air at the entry to the mountain slope. Just where Kalk Bay sits.

This is very similar to the pocket of air that makes a plane fly. So instead of nocking it’s head against the mountain the wind forms the pocket of air and then use that to cross the mountain. And this pocket creates a wind free Kalk Bay.

Do you believe me?

If you don’t then I need to get my pilot friend to explain it to you in more technical terms. Or I am waiting for you to give me a better explanation. In the meantime I like this explanation a lot.

So next time you are looking for holiday accommodation in Cape Town, you want to protection from the South Easter and you are on the western False Bay side of Cape Town then try and find accommodation where the mountain is facing South East. (BTW: Simonstown also have some great wind protected areas)

If you are on the Atlantic side of Cape Town then I have not found a pilot to explain why some areas are wind protected and others not. And I have to rely on the authority of independent third parties like Wikipedia.

Bantry Bay

Wind free Bantry Bay

Fancy Bantry Bay Apartment

According to Wikipedia Bantry Bay is one of the most wind free areas in Cape Town for holiday accommodation.

This is what they have to say:

Bantry Bay is known to be the most wind free area in Cape Town. Secluded & protected, the inhabitants of this exclusive area enjoy about 290 wind free days per year – a significant fact given Cape Town’s windy climate.


Fresnaye Wind free Accommodation

Typical Fresnaye View From A Holiday Apartment

I have heard from many others that Fresnaye is another wind free suburb on the Atlantic Seaboard. (But I promised third party proof). So let me quote the Dogongroup:

Fresnaye is regarded as one of Cape Town’s most beautiful and exclusive residential suburbs and enjoys a wonderful Mediterranean micro-climate in one of Cape Town’s most wind protected suburbs.


Clifton Wind Protected

Typical Luxury Clifton Accommodation

If you know Cape Town then you are familiar with Clifton. Clifton is one of the most sought after beach accommodation areas in Cape Town. It’s also wind protected. According to Wikipedia:

The four beaches of Clifton are one of the few areas well protected from the notorious south-easterly wind, which has a great deal to do with its popularity with bathers.

I am sure you want more info:

But who cares about the weather in Cape Town?

Not me, and not any of the thousands who flock to Cape Town throughout the year. And not only because of the sunshine. We just have magic. Even if I have to say so. Ha ha.

According to Wikipedia:

Cape Town’s average amount of sunshine per year (3,100 hours) compares favourably with that of Los Angeles (3,300 hours) and exceeds that of Athens and Madrid (2,900 hours).

The choice for Cape Town is simple:

Choose a wind free place or choose a place where there’s more wind. It does not matter. And if the wind blows take a kite and have fun or go and drink wine at a local farm. And if you don’t like wine drink fresh milk. Or whatever makes you very happy.

Yes. It’s all about having fun.

Johan Horak


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