4 Luxury Beach House Rentals Clifton Cape Town

What Qualify These Luxury Beach House Rentals Clifton Cape Town?

Well I have chosen these luxury beach house rentals Clifton Cape Town because it’s not difficult to be wrong with Clifton. Just the other day I published an article showing that for every three people living in Clifton you’ll find a plus R20 million home. So here’s my list of luxury beach house rentals Clifton Cape Town:

One: The Luxury White Boat House On Clifton Beach

Luxury Clifton Beach Rentals
The White Boat House on the beach

This Clifton house featured in HouseAndLeisure and they said.

Beautifully proportioned and unpretentious, a Clifton bungalow celebrates the palette and lifestyle of the Mediterranean. The owner carried a torch for this particular Clifton house for almost 20 years and finally had the opportunity to buy it a couple of years ago. In a matter of eight weeks he transformed the rather poky (but impeccably located) house into the showstopper dwelling that it is now. Floating serenely a metre or so off the beach. With its white sail-like awnings extending over a white wooden deck. The house has the appearance of a seagoing vessel. It was important that it didn’t feel cluttered, he says of its design. The result is that ‘everything is in proportion and there’s not too much of anything’.

Get more information on this luxury beach house Rental in Clifton Cape Town.

The World War One Soldier’s Gift That Turned Into A Luxury Clifton Beach Cottage

Luxury Beach House Rentals Clifton Cape Town
The ex Soldier’s Beach Cottage

Many years ago we walked down the steps to Clifton’s Forth Beach to visit the owner of this luxury bungalow. At that time it was just a bungalow. Today it’s a luxury bungalow.

We drank French Champagne opened à la sabre à champagne. We ate sushi, fresh Tuna steaks from the market. We had a lot of fun. Now the owner did a magic design change on this house. This luxury Clifton beach bungalow uses space with care. The original outside lines may not be changed. Initially was a two and a half bedroom soldier’s home (were built from the packing cases that conveyed imported motor cars during the 1920s and ’30’s). But today this beach bungalow has 4 bedrooms. Just have a look at the images of the main bedroom and the lounge. Large sliding walls divide the lounge and bedroom. Amazing. Read more here…

Luxury Beach Bungalow Right On Third

Clifton Third Beach Bungalow

Apart from the location right on the beach this is a modern and revamped home; the kind of home you would expect amongst plus R20 million Clifton homes. You may know Third Beach but if you don’t; there are only 9 homes on the beach. The original owner must have been a very high ranking officer during World War I. 😉 I really enjoy the apparent open spaces and the large outside area of this Clifton Beach Bungalow. Read more and see more photos here…

The Warm And Colourful Clifton Beach Bungalow

The colourful one

How do you like the warm and inviting feel of this beach house rental in Clifton? Do you just feel the warm of the decor? I like it a lot. Have a look at the description and more photos here. You’ll notice that this lovely bungalow is just above the first row of beach houses – with a lovely view on the beach. BTW: This is one of the most affordable holiday bungalows on Clifton. Read more here.

Which of these luxury beach house rentals Clifton Cape Town do you like most?

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Johan Horak

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