5 Reasons To Choose Self Catering Over A Cape Town Hotel

May 21, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Cape Town Holiday Questions

Do you really need room service? Fancy breakfasts? A concierge? A pool? Or is local flavour more important to you?

Are You Paying For Value? And will it last?

Hotels vs Cape Town Self Catering

Hotel Bling

Hotels are more expensive. Hotels have to pay for all the extras; the staff, the elaborate breakfasts, the lifts, and more. And it all adds up. But is that what you really want?

Yahoo did a study where they compared various cities’ holiday rentals with hotel rooms in terms of average price, square footage, variety of lodging types, and other variables. And naturally, vacation rentals come out ahead in every category.

Stay At The Location Of Your Choice

Self catering holiday accommodation gives you more location choices.

Cape Town Hotels vs Self Catering Accommodation

The Road To Scarborough

Hotels tend to focused on highly packed touristy areas but self catering holiday accommodations are found in most suburbs. For example Scarborough, a small Cape Town village, but more than an hours drive from the Cape Town city lights, is better off without hotels. Few people visiting Cape Town even know about Scarborough; where you’ll find nature, the beach, animals and very affordable beach accommodation in Cape Town.

By The way: For short stays I believe hotels are ideal.

Cook What You Want And Not What You Are Given

Cape Town Hotel Vs Self Catering

Buying Fresh Fish At Kalk Bay Harbour

Food is important to you and your family. I know you want to relax. I know you want to come home to a clean place after spending the day in the sun. But who can eat another man’s food for a long time?

I always believed preparing food is part of the holiday deal. It’s part of the fun. And hotel food may be great. But all the time……where friends and family share real food making is gone.

Let’s say you stay in a self catering Kalk Bay accommodation, or Simonstown or along False Bay; you can go down to buy fresh fish at the harbour for a proper Cape Town fish braai. And that you will never duplicate while staying in any Cape Town hotel.

If money is an issue then self catering may save you some money.

Local Is Lekker

Kalk Bay Olimpia

Kalk Bay Olimpia (credit)

Let’s have a look at, for example, a lovely self catering home in Kalk Bay and a hotel room at the V&A Waterfront. The V&A is bling, with big brand shopping, and chain restaurants. Kalk Bay has small owner run shops, various no brand restaurants, a working fishermen’s harbour.

How likely are you to meet a local at the Waterfront and how likely are you to meet a local in Kalk Bay? At Kalk Bay you may stay next to a local. At the Waterfront you may meet someone from your home town. Pretty boring.

The photo above was taken at the entrance to Olimpia Bakery Kalk Bay. If you stay in a hotel you may never know about this bakery because you will never prepare any food. How sad. At least now you know about it. At the Olimpia restaurant you will meet a lot of locals and eat what they eat when they go out. Sounds like fun to me.

Is it not because of the locals that you visit Cape Town? And many of these local villages in Cape Town gives you more value for your money than a hotel can ever do.

I Want This And That!

Hotel Guest

Hotel Guest (credit)

Have you styled your hair with hotel hair dryer for a week long? Have you looked at the fridge and thought you can never pack more than six bears in there? Have you felt the tightness around your shoulders as you walk in to your hotel room? It may be elaborate but it’s not like a home. Hotels have a lot going for them but hotels are places where you share spaces with other people you don’t know. Is that what you want?

What do you prefer when visiting Cape Town self catering accommodation or Cape Town Hotels?

Have lots of fun

Johan Horak


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