8 Cape Town Tidal Pools I Dare You To Visit While on Holiday

November 7, 2012 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Articles

10 Cape Town Tidal Pools

Yes. I dare you to visit these Cape Town tidal pools. While travelling there check out Cape Town because you’ll be having fun. You’ll see our beautiful Cape.

You’ll taste the salt of our waters, your legs will ping with the icy cold water of the Atlantic, you pass historic spots and you’ll play in our sun with a smile on your face. Can I also ask you to take your camera and share some tidal pool photo fun with me.

Graaf’s Pool Sea Point – Cape Town Tidal Pools (image credit)


Graafs Pool, a natural rock tidal pool, was a traditional gay spot for men to swim and sun in the nude on concrete steps at the Sea Point waterfront between Marais and Oliver Roads. Concerned about hustlers hanging about the local citizens agitated for the screening wall to be knocked down. Lady Graaf, of the noted area family, once stayed at the Bordeaux Mansion nearby, and had her own tunnel (now boarded up) under the rail tracks, to bathe here each day. from…

Tidal pools exist at low tide, next to oceans, filled with seawater. John Steinbeck wrote in ‘The Log from the Sea of Cortez’:

‘It is advisable to look from the tide pool to the stars and then back to the tide pool again.’

Dalebrook Kalk Bay St James – Cape Town Tidal Pools (image credit)

Cape Town Tidal Pools

Have a look at a great photo walk I did from Fish Hoek to Muizenberg past this lovely tidal pool close to lovely Kalk bay holiday homes, restaurants and shops.

St James – Cape Town Tidal Pools (image credit)

This tidal pool in St James is very popular in peak season. The locals get there early in the morning before they go back home. You see them walk with bare feet, wet towels along the main road. With its colourful Muizenberg huts you’ll find it easily on the road from Muizenberg to St James.

Many people enjoy this pool and Dalebrook because of the warmer water temperatures along False Bay.

Camps Bay – Cape Town Tidal Pools

Cape Town tidal pool Camps Bay

Across the street from many Camps Bay holiday homes, restaurants and next to the famous Camps Bay beach you’ll find this huge tidal pool.

What’s really nice about our Cape Town pools is that most of them have clean ablutions next to them.

Maiden’s Cove – Cape Town Tidal Pools (image credit)

According to CapeTownMagazine:

This gorgeous spot lies between Clifton and Glen Beach and has great views of the sea and mountains. There’s a tidal pool for swimming and big boulders for sunbathing. There is also a grassy area for to sit on and various braai places available to the public for free.


Saunders Rock Sea Point Bantry Bay – Cape Town Tidal Pools (Image credit

Cape Town Tidal Pools

Saunders Rock is a small but popular beach with a protected tidal pool in Cape Town.

Situated between Clifton’s famous beaches and Sea Point, Saunders’ Rocks is a little beach below Bantry Bay, and has its own tidal pool.

Robert Saunders, a teacher who did a lot for his students, use to live here. His neighbor was Judge Menzies.

Apparently, one day Judge Menzies, out of the blue went down to the beach, stretched his arms out and named the highest rock on the beach Saunders Rock. Thus Saunders Rock’s Beach was born. (source)

Milton’s Pool Sea Point – Cape Town Tidal Pools (image credit)

How people find tidal pools in Cape Town amazes me. You have to trip over them 😉 And a map of all tidal pools do not exist. But I have good news for you. More on that later.

I was really battling to find nice photos of tidal pools and luckily a Twitter friend share this image. Thanks Nicky Schermer@

If you’re been around for a while then this memory lane trip of Sea Point beaches and pools may interest you.

Kalk Bay Tidal Pools  – Cape Town Tidal Pools (image credit)

capetown tidal pools Kalk_Bay_tidal_poolDon’t you agree with me that Mickey Theunissen took a great image of this lovely tidal pool. There are two tidal pools in Kalk Bay. The local government calls them Tidal pool 1 and pool 2. That helps a lot. I have called the pool close to Clovely beach pool 1. And I am not listing Pool 2. 😉

Now you would like to know where these Cape town tidal pools are? Well I have created a map just for your eyes only.

View Cape Town Tidal Pools in a larger map

I hope to see you at these pools. Take photos and share. Play and have fun. It’s easy. Everyday in Cape Town is a holiday. And as they say, “If you are lucky enough to be in Cape Town then you are lucky enough” [tweet this quote]

What I have not told you is that you can use a hop-op-hop-pass to visit these False Bay tidal pools by train.

Have lots of Cape Tidal Pool Town fun.

Johan Horak

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