Accommodation Advertising Network – How You Can Also Benefit

How Can You Benefit From This Accommodation Advertising Network?

You want to more bums on beds. But where do you start or what can you do to get more?

You can use free classifieds like Gumtree, or Safarinow, and the rest. But there must be a better way. A simple way. And an effective way. A place where you set the rules. A place where you cut the junk enquiries. And a place that brings you more paying guests.

You want more paying guests?

Can 400 focused accommodation agents in this network bring you more guests? Today I will tell you how this accommodation advertising network can benefit you.

As an accommodation owner is there an online marketing tool where you set the rules?

How many enquiries do you get for short stays? Or a party of 10 wanting to stay for next to nothing.

In general all accommodation owners deal direct with clients. And it can be a painful process to explain to enquirers what you do and don’t do. They have no clue about peak time, minimum nights, general rates per person.

We get 100’s of enquiries and it can become such a repetitive task we are using canned responses to quickly and patiently answer people.

What if you can set rules and qualify people before they enquire?

You can set seasonal rates in advance, minimum stay rules, discounts for long stays, early bookings, late booking discounts. And no one contacts you that are not prequalified by your rules. Do you think that can save you time?

Let’s have a look at a few more benefits of this accommodation advertising network:

  • I have mentioned the rules you set to qualify guests. If you do this well you only get involved when you get a reservation.

  • You get your accommodation shared to plus 400 dedicated Cape Town accommodation agents  and marketing companies across the globe. This means that 400 agents who gets enquiries everyday have access to your accommodation at their fingertips. And they get high integrity info. They know if your places is available or not. They know the exact rate. And they don’t need to contact you for anything. They can book it online and you get the notification. Easy.

  • Each one of these agents can share your accommodation on their websites. Here is a sample of some of the many sites already listing these listed accommodation gets for free.’s FlipKey is there. The huge South African site, Safarinow also share your accommodation. And you don’t have to do anything.  

  • Calendar. You may have a calendar via Google, or any other calendar like Nightsbridge. These calendars are useful from your own management point of view. They are also useful when someone finds your website. But to find your website your potential clients are using Google. And if you are not good with optimizing your website for Google; Fail! However, with this accommodation advertising network you get the attention 400 agents. Centrally they can access your calendar.  In other words they find you every time the visit the network. How do they find you?  This is what the general search screen looks like:Let’s have a look at an example (see the image above). Say you list a one bedroom place in Cape Town, your accommodation is available on the date selected and the rate meets the budget budget, then the agent will see your accommodation listed on the right. She can now select it, preview it and share it with her clients This is what the preview looks like: As soon as the agent selected a few places, and hopefully yours, she can send it to her client. The client gets the nightly rate, availability, description, map and can compare it to other similar places. Because of the high integrity of the information the accommodation can be booked there and then.

  • If you were searching for accommodation is this not what you want? All the info available and no unnecessary emails to book the accommodation. Do you like this idea? Well, you are not the only one. This is impressive. And our accommodation owners love it.

As soon as you share your accommodation with the network you have just become less reliant on Google. And Google is “all eggs in one basket” you want to avoid or rather limit if you can.

What About The Cost To Join The Accommodation Advertising Network?

You pay $5 per listing per month and 1% of the booking value when the booking is confirmed and paid. Obviously you need to allow for agents commissions. There’s also a Free option. See below for more details.

How Can You Join The Accommodation Advertising Network?

You have two options:

  1. Handsfree option: CapeHolidays.Info will manage your listings . This option is free to you if we decide to list your accommodation. For those who qualify we will pay the monthly rate and deduct the 1% commission payable on successful books. Qualification for this options depends mostly on the location of your place, and the nightly rate. Use the form below to get an invite.

  2. DIY Option: You can use the form below for the invitation. This option allows you to add your accommodation to the advertising network and manage it yourself. You will pay the $5 per month per listing fees.

For any of the two options use the form below and I will send you a no obligation invitation to accommodation advertising network.

No Obligation Invitation Form:

Your Name (required)

Your Email (required)

Where is your accommodation located?

Your phone number

Select your invitation option from the drop down

Read more in how CapeHolidays.Info can assist you.


October 29, 2013


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