It ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings – [Cape Town Accommodation Owners]

As you know we got worried as 2016 was running full steam ahead. Many Cape Town homes showed availability right through November and into early December. Where they ever going to book out?! 

Many Cape Town homes showed availability right through November and into early December. Where they ever going to book out?! 

Some owners reduced rates, some reduced minimum stays.
And we waited patiently. Well, we tried to remain patient.
Owners called regularly for updates about possible rentals.
A few self-managing-peak-only-owners decided to pull their homes from the market. It was just too late for them.
Others said their homes were ready. We had carte blanche “Get the good guys to pay and stay in the house”. 
We waited. And waited. Patiently.
Eventually, last minute energy kicked in. Big time. As they say it’s not over till the fat lady sings, and by mid December she was singing.
Figures from the Cape Town International Airport indicates nearly 29% or 114 208 more passengers arrived during December 2016 when compared to December 2015. And many of them wanted accommodation from us. It was a mad house.
To keep it short and simple- every available home on our portfolio booked out. The demand was there for even more, but there were no homes left.
So, let us not forget this when 2017 peak season hits us.
Let me quickly give you some feedback about what we learnt, and what we were again reminded of, during 2016 peak season.
  1. Quality homes with pools sell.
  2. Homes with mediocre photos do not get booked.
  3. Large homes (5, 6 and more bedrooms) always sell before the rest.
  4. 3 bedrooms without pools sell last.
  5. Value for money sells quickly. This means that if your property is excellent; with pool, top quality, and has a competitive rate it will go quickly – early in the year.
  6. If you have a quality home but the rates are not competitive you will need patience. If you are willing to wait for the fat lady you may still get your rate but can your tummy handle the stress?
  7. Guests are emotional animals. Most arrive happy. Some seek happiness from outside, and believe your home (or you, Cape Town, South Easter, etc) will lift their mood. A dead gecko in the sparkling pool and they are worried about the cleanliness of the linen. A speck of dust and they start digging. We cannot win them all, as with a dead gecko.
  8. Homes we manage during the year are predictable. Things change and guests give feedback after every stay. High peak only homes don’t have that feedback loop and are not as predictable – therefore we need to verify. We have made a list important issues and measures owners need to address before guests move in.
We learnt a lot from the past season and we look forward to implementing a few changes to make it easier for peak time owners.

Owners who are in for 2017/18 peak time; complete the form below and we will share new quality control measures with you, as well as give you personal feedback on your 2016/17  booking.


January 20, 2017


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