Are You Getting Free Uncapped WiFi At Your Cape Town Holiday Accommodation?

April 23, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Holiday Booking Tips

I think not. On the other hand I see that 67% of hotels in Europe are giving wifi as a complimentary service to their guests. Great. Free Internet. Now I realise that South Africans complain about our internet being slow and expensive (even when compared to Nigeria). But that does not mean that Cape Town holiday accommodation owners should be ignorant.

Free Uncapped Internet Cape Town Holiday Accommodation

As you know; Cape Town holiday makers pay from R500 to thousands of rands per night per room. Don’t you think they deserve free internet? I think they do. But I want to go further and say they deserve free uncapped internet access. Even if holiday accommodation owners only charge R250 per night per person in the slow winter months they should provide this free service.

Why free uncapped internet?

We will talk about the benefits later, but for now, it’s a lot cheaper than you may think.

Our holidaymakers visit Cape Town to come and relax – even if they come for business, because Cape Town has such a lot to offer after business.

To come and relax means many things to many people. And you may think that relax means locked out from communication. This is true for some but very naive as a blanket justification for not giving free uncapped internet.

I get the feeling that Cape Town accommodation owners ignore this value adding service. And when they attempt such a service they don’t research the options. Their first port of call is the poor support from Telkom, where they signup for some or other long term contract. Or a system where they sell internet voucher to their guests. Ridiculous to say the least.

But what about abuse?

This is a common objection I get. And people will abuse anything. Just the other day we had guests running around chasing their family from Australia in the streets. Locking them out and they had to get back in to the multi million holiday house via a ladder.

Anything can and will happen. But this is no reason why you should not do it. You are in the business. Let’s find ways to make it work and not ways to keep your beds empty.

A company I recommend Webafrica gives you an uncapped home account for next to nothing – see more below – but they provide you with what they call fair usage uncapped data. You can monitor your fair usage classification every minute if you want or daily. This can assist you in ensuring that your guests don’t abuse the data. If you are not using the same account then how your guests use the data is their issue. If they abuse it their data tap gets closed by their own abusive power. And you have to do nothing. You will not pay more. You just pay your monthly fee.

Here’s what I suggest Cape Town accommodation providers do:

  1. Get an account with Webafrica.
  2. Transfer your ADSL line from Telkom to WebAfrica.
  3. Buy your ADSL and uncapped data from WebAfrica. The last time I checked the cheapest uncapped option was only R329 for line rental and data. Here’s a table of the latest prices for line and data:

Cape Town Holiday Accommodation ADSL The R329 option is the minimum I suggest holiday accommodation owners provide. The 2 Mbps is a more reasonable option. The others are even better but not necessary.

What the benefits?

  • Very happy accommodation guests. And it gives holiday owners an edge over other providers who don’t have free uncapped internet. And this should mean higher occupancy – more money in their pocket.
  • Less frustration when accommodation providers have an internet problem. Webafrica is not Telkom. Direct all issues through the friendly 24 hour support line at Webafrica. (Have you tried to call Telkom for support? Leave it to Webafrica).
  • No contracts. You can cancel your uncapped internet at anytime.

If you are a Cape Town holidaymaker and don’t have free internet at from your accommodation provider then share this article with your accommodation provider. And convince them to give you free uncapped internet access.

But if your host is stubborn then get a mobile speedstick (router) from Cell C. They have a 3 Gig deal for R599 once off or 50 Gig once off for R1799 (available today).

What do you think?

  1. Holidaymaker: Should your accommodation provider give you free uncapped internet when on holiday in Cape Town?
  2. Do you have any other ideas or tips on free uncapped internet?

Have fun

Johan Horak
P.S. Fighting for great Cape Town holiday accommodation with free uncapped internet for all guests.
P.P.S. If any Cape Town Accommodation owner needs free advice on providing uncapped access then feel free to contact us. And remember to subscribe to our accommodation owner”s newsletter.



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