Available Cape Town Self Catering Accommodation for December January 2106 2017

November 24, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Articles,Cape Town Accommodation Owners

Just a quick update on available Cape Town self catering accommodation for December January 2016 2017.

As agents, we share our available Cape Town accommodation with more than 40 agencies focusing on Cape Town short term accommodation. I use this database annually to see how many properties are still available.

Let me quickly give you a rundown on available accommodation for peak December/January 2016/2017.

The following indicates the number of accommodation left per number of rooms:

  1. One bedrooms – only 3 left. Not bad.
  2. Two bedrooms – 10. From R3000 to R100 000 per night. The R100 000 per night property is described as, “The Lookout, a sublime, eclectic property situated in Bantry Bay, Cape Town”. For such a rate you need fancy words to sell it.
  3. Three bedrooms: 19 properties still available with rates from R4000 to R26 000 per night.
  4. Four bedrooms: 26 homes are available with rates from R5000 to R50000 per night.
  5. Five bedrooms: only 9 left. Between R8000 and R42000
  6. And only one six bedroom at R9000 per night.
  7. No places left larger than six bedrooms.

Compared to last year this time there are more homes left in the pool at the beginning November. Traditionally November is a very busy month. We find that people in the market search for the right place at the right price.

It’s obvious that there is a lot of competition in the three and 4 bedroom market. The smaller places do very well and obviously the 5 bedroom and larger places.

If you are an owner reading this and you are in the three and four bedroom category then know that the competition is still fierce. And you’ll have to sit it out. And if you are in the market with a 5 or six bedroom place then be easier.

Good luck.