Fair Or Not? These Cape Town Accommodation Agents Are In Spain & Germany While I Am In Cape Town

June 15, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Cape Town Holiday Makers,Holiday Booking Tips

Cape Town Accommodation Agents In Spain

It’s winter in Cape Town. And some of us are in Spain:

Cape Town Accommodation Agents In Spain


And another team member is in Germany drinking beers:

Nandi drinking beer

Is that fair? Let me tell you a little about us while I have your attention: is a family run business. But today I am left alone with the dogs while the women are having fun. 😉

How ddid this all started?

Elmarie started doing such a great job of helping people find accommodation our Cape Town accommodation agency just grew and grew. As a side line job I was responsible for the website and Nandi; an aspiring actress.

I was having a fun time, Nandi played and acted whenever she could. She still does. While Elmarie was running up and down. Find accommodation for Cape Town holiday makers are not always an easy task. And not easy when the agency is growing. It must be my internet skills. Ha ha.

Slowly but surely I had to jump in and assist with the enquiries. Then Nandi joined us. Today we all do everything to get you what you want.

As we established a reputation people started leaving their accommodation needs in our hands. Dave is one such client of ours:

One other thing though…  We had an issue arise with our accommodations in Hermanus that were not confirmed.  Yikes!  As a result, we are in need of assistance for overnight accommodations – two nights in Hermanus. Interest in helping us find a nice place to stay?  We would need 8 rooms. We can certainly search and book online but thought you would have a much better “insider” perspective.

Cheers, Dave Jarvis | Owner, Afton St. Croix Companies

How very simple is that? Dave just left it to us! That’s what we do. We find you accommodation anywhere in Cape Town. But if you want more we will give you more.

  • Do you want a nice place in Cape Town?
  • Do you want personal insight regarding the house and area where you want to stay?
  • Do you want to continue the frustrating search talking to many people before you find accommodation?
  • Do you want advice on where to get the best value?
  • Do you want advice on things to do or assistance in arranging car rentals, tours from great companies?

Yes! We Can. We try harder and respond quicker than most: This is why we get these kind of letters:

I just want to take the opportunity of thanking you most sincerely for a most awesome Venue for our weekend of surprises and loads of love.

The property is absolutely stunning and as a travel agent i shall not hesitate to recommend it!

We had an awesome time and were all very comfortable including the children… we did not even notice the weather! Lol…

So thank you to you and your awesome team of fairies for having made our stay so special and comfortable…

Best wishes and kind regards

Gouwa, Nazeera and Kareemah and our respective families!

You are all welcome. It’s our pleasure to assist you in finding accommodation. Even if I have to, currently do it alone while the madams are sitting in the European sun, I do it with a smile.

Not for long now. While I wait upon their return I will get up early to take the dogs for a beach walk before the enquiries flood in for the day.

Simonstown Sunrise

Simonstown Sunrise on the golf course while the dogs are running around

Fair or not. Nandi en Elmarie deserve a break and they are having fun. And that’s all that matters. Fun! I hope you are having a lot of fun wherever you happen to be.

Johan and the Tean


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