What Can Self Catering Owners Learn From The Launch Our New Site?

Our site’s was outdated. We wanted to make some changes to help us in getting more enquiries. We had to relaunch.  We are getting more than 20 000 views per month. That’s great but how do we get more enquiries? We needed to answer what stops people from making enquiries? Here’s a few ideas I want to volunteer:

  1. Can visitors to your site view and enquire using a smart mobile device? These guys and others will tell you that nearly 50% of all web searches are done on mobile devices. And we had to change. It took us a month to convert all listings to the new theme. Are your site fully mobile accessible?
  2. Trust. People visiting sites online are very concerned that their money will be stolen. They want to know they can trust you. And the only effective way is to show them our testimonials or reviews. Go and have a look and look for all the places we share our testimonials. It’s critical that you ask for and publish all testimonials online. (Have a look at our list of testimonials). The other issue is to discuss concerns directly. People want to know if you are real or a crook. See how we addressed this here.
  3. Speed. Our new theme is much faster than the old one. There are many tools you can use to check site loading speed.
  4. Navigation: How quickly can people find what they are looking for? We have hundreds of listings on our site and people looking for a two bedroom don’t want to go through 100 homes to find ten two bedroom places.
  5. Make It Easy: How To Use The Site: On our front page we share the three steps on how to use our site. Simple and easy. Here’s an image of the Three Stepscape town accommodation self catering agents
  6. Get The Enquiry: It’s necessary to tell visitors to enquire. On each page we share how to enquire and then on each listing we make a clear Enquire Now button available. This image shows what we have on each page on the side. 2014-08-07_1230

To close: After the launch I was helping a woman from Holland. She wanted a place in Seapoint. I offered her others in De Waterkant. She liked my offerings but wanted SP. The another agent offered her a place in SP. She got back to me and said, “Dear Johan, …i trust you  and your company completely . thank you so much,you are a great help. Anne” Read the rest here. Why is she trusting us? I believe we made it easy for her. She even went on searching for me on LinkedIn and Facebook and found me there. Do you think she will easily go anywhere else?

Thanks for reading.

Have fun


Johan at Cape Holidays.Info where we are small but we try harder and respond sooner.

August 7, 2014


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