Can You Assist Me With Where to Stay in Cape Town and with Things To Do?

April 9, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Holiday Booking Tips,Knowing Cape Town

We get the following questions regularly? But how do we honestly answer questions like Can You Assist Me With Where to Stay in Cape Town and Things To Do?

This question not remind you of the shotgun approach to holiday planning? Let’s see if there’s an alternative?


Are you using the shotgun approach to holiday planning?

My husband and I are traveling to SA for 3 weeks out of which we plan to spend 5 days in cape town. I am looking for some recommendation regarding the stay and things we can do around and in cape town, This trip is kinda our Honeymoon but at the same time we are on a budget. I was even a bit confused if we should drive outside cape town and speed a night or two away from the city.

This is a great question but not really structured in such a way that I can give her a sensical answer. I need more information. I know she does not know Cape Town. I know she is planning a happy event but she is confused; like most people visiting Cape Town for the first time. She says she is on a budget. Most people are on a budget. They may not all mean the same when we talk about a budget.

Let me summarise questions asked many new people to Cape Town :

You say you are on a budget. I can recommend a lot of things for you. Where to stay and what to do. But your budget is where we start. Your budget may be very different from another’s budget. You may want backpackers, or you may be on a bling budget. None of these are real answers. To make it easier for you tell me what you want to spend per night or per day (the amount) in accommodation then I will have a better idea of your budget.

The second important question, is what makes you happy? Where do you want to stay and do you need a Cape Town holiday agency to assist you?. Do you want safety? Are you the fast going or the slow going type of Cape Town visitor? What do you want to do can be answered now:

Cape Town has such a lot to offer:

  1. Nature; do you want wakeup before sunrise or are you a night life person,
  2. The sea and surfing. Walk in the mountains or do Table Mountain,
  3. Go and meet a great white shark from face to face or seeing whales close to Cape Town.
  4. Do shopping at the V&A Waterfront,
  5. Visit Simonstown and other history places,
  6. Go and visit our local Cape Town markets like the one we frequent,
  7. Go to lovely local restaurants or some fancy Cape Town restaurant,
  8. Visit local Cape Town wine farms,
  9. Take a train ride past our lovely coast using the hop on hop off pass or get a Sunday ride on a steam train,
  10. Go on day trips via Chapmans Peak, or visit Kommetjie lighthouse for a picnic or lovely drive.
  11. You may want to do an orientation drive of Cape Town on an open red bus.
  12. You may have kids and want to keep them out of your hair. Ha ha. Here’s 14 things you can do with kids in Cape Town.
  13. You may like to visit Cape Town tidal pools instead of the beach.
  14. You may like easy walking trips with your camera along the beach visiting various Cape Town villages.
Some of you have read about Cape Town weather and have no idea when is the best time to visit. We have the answer for you. And if you are not convinced that Cape Town is the best holiday destination then read this.

We need to plan your short stay well. Let’s make it as easy as possible for you to see as much as you like but narrow it down and give me options. Then I can assist you without using the shotgun approach.

Let me summarise so that I can give you the best possible advice?

  1. Give me your budget…..
  2. When you want to come and visit?
  3. Where do you want to stay?
  4. What do you want to do most of the time?

If you have advice or questions please leave a comment.

Have fun

Johan Horak

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