Accommodation Owner Cape Town; Who Are Your Guests And What Are Their Requirements?


Accommodation Owner Cape Town Marketing Ideas

Since I published the article on the launch of a Cape Town Accommodation Owner’s Newsletter my aim was to see how we could fill Cape Town beds 365 days a year in Cape Town, and more specifically self catering beds. And it’s not easy. But let me start….

Accommodation Cape Town Marketing

What Criteria Are Used When Tourists Seek Accommodation in Cape Town? 

Today I want to introduce some of the niche travellers and the major criteria I have identified, either through my own research or research done by others. I will not discuss the criteria in any detail but only give you a list and during future updates discuss these in more detail. (Stay tuned. And if you are not yet subscribe to the newsletter then do it now).

Cape Town’s winter is a slack time and beds are empty. To correct this I believe self catering owners need to address the needs of niche travellers. If you are an owner then I believe that you need to ask who will fill your beds, what these travellers want and who they are.

Let me introduce a few niche traveller types:

  • Cape Town business travellers; they spend more money than leisure tourists and they are not really bogged down by the weather. For me they qualify as great additions to filling beds 365 days a year. What do they need and what do they want? 
  • Honeymoon tourists – Jacuzzis (more on this later).
  • Sporting people – the Argus Cycle tour for example, or Kite Surfers and social golfers. I read that Cape Town Travel is talking about a focus on golf and adventure tourism.
  • Arts and Culture tourism, Muslim travel is huge, and youth travel and sports tourism are among the fastest growing markets and Cape Town is well placed to take advantage of these. (Pascoe). Do you know what these Cape Town tourists want? Do you cater for them?
  • And other tourists’ types.

What are the major criteria that some of the above niche types search for?

  1. Will you fill more beds if you have free Wi-Fi?
    Cape Town Business Travellers

    They want Wi-Fi

    I believe that you will fill more beds if you do (and as I experienced). In a previous article I mentioned the survey done by where they showed that 56% of business guests and 34% of leisure guests are looking for free Wi-Fi. I know that this was done for hotel guests but I believe if we want to attract more business travellers we need to learn from hotels. (Here’s what I suggest you do to give your guests free uncapped Wi-Fi).

  2. Is your Cape Town accommodation close to the beach or next to the beach? (Mostly a leisure travellers). Every Cape Town accommodation owner cannot be on the beach. But it’s critical that you are able to tell exactly how far you are from the beach. Tell your visitors that in minutes walking or minutes driving.

  3. Do you have a pool? (Leisure Travel Criteria) On our Cape Town accommodation site potential guests use a few common search terms the first one is “beach”, the second is “pool”. “Beach” is used four times more than “pool”. Having a pool is definitely an advantage. But an expensive feature if you don’t have it.

  4. A close third after “pool” is “Jacuzzi”. (Leisure Traveller) Many Cape Town leisure tourists consider a Jacuzzi as critical criteria. Obviously these would be the romantic type of traveller – honeymooners for example. Adding a Jacuzzi is not a major investment and can bring more tourists.

  5. Flexible short stays (Mostly business traveller): South African and International Business tourists stay and average 5 nights and 6 nights respectively. (Source pdf) believe this barrier needs to be pushed even further by the self catering home that wants to fill beds during Cape Town winters. cape-town-holiday-accommodation-owner
  6. How Negotiable Are Your Rates During The Slow Season? We deal with more than 400 Cape accommodation owners on a regular basis. Some of them are easy to work with; others are extremely easy to work with. What we experience is what potential guests experience. If you have accommodation similar to one of our very easy owners we will always work with the easy ones first. For example this Llandudno house rents out for R14 000 per day during peak time but in slow season we bring the clients for R3000 per day for just two days. That’s if you can get availability.
  7. Response Time: If you don’t answer your email within an hour or if you don’t pick up the phone then I send my business elsewhere. And if I do it then your guests also do that. This is more important during winter when there’s an over supply of beds. Here’s what we do: We use an autoresponder to send an auto email with lots of info just as people complete our enquiry form. More on this during follow articles to this post.

What do you think? What I can add to this list? And what advice to you have regarding accommodation Cape Town marketing?

Please take some time and share this post with other Cape Town accommodation providers. Share it on Facebook, Twitter, send it via email and let’s work together to fill Cape Town accommodation beds 365 days a year.

Have fun



June 14, 2013


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