9 Top Accolades Lists Of The World Features Cape Town

You all agree that Cape Town is tops. But like anyone we like all the attention. And living in Cape Town and holidaying in Cape Town we all enjoy it when others from around the world brags about Cape Town.

I know it’s vain. But let’s forget that for a moment and have a fat lazy bath in our own vainness 😉


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  1. Cape Town Is One Of The Cheapest Cities In The World: I just read that Cape Town is the 9th cheapest city in the world. I did not expect that. But with the rand falling against all major currencies Cape Town will be on top of the list of cheapest cities soon…….
  2. Cape Town’s Simon’s Town is one of the few places in the world where you can swim with penguins and one of the few places where you can swim with sharks as well.
  3. Where to find the world’s friendliest people? You don’t have to look further than Cape Town.
  4. Are you looking for great food and wine? Cape Town included in the ten best food and wine festivals in the world.
  5. Surfing greats are born in Kommetjie. Now wonder Cape Town makes this list of 10 of the most beautiful surfing destinations in the world.
  6. USA Today included Cape Town is one of the top five off-peak destinations for summer 2013. Just looking out on False Bay today, a winter’s day, a sunny day, I just know what people miss being not in Cape Town, when accommodation rates are three-times less than in peak season.
  7. CNN’s Top 100 Best BeachesCape Town’s Boulder’s Beach is twenty-second on the list.
  8. Welcoming blast in friendship: Cape Town holds the record, for it has fired a gun at noon or a time dictated by the local Observatory since 1806. By the way don’t agree that a welcoming blast of friendship is an oxymoron.
  9. Cape Town takes Best Overall Use of Social Media award. In general Cape Town gets a lot of publicity and it’s no co-incidence that Cape Town got this reward. I believe that Cape Town as a city is very well-managed. And that’s true for the Western Cape Government.

What’s your opinion on Cape Town? Please share your comments. And if you like these top brags then please share them at Facebook, Twitter, or via email.

Have Fun in Cape Town. It’s cheap.

Johan Horak

June 12, 2013


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