Needed a Cape Town Holiday Accommodation Agency: I am thinking of renting accommodation for my trip what should I look out for?

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Why Use A Cape Town Holiday Accommodation Agency?

Cape Town Holiday Accommodation Agency

Renting Cape Town holiday accommodation can be tricky if you do what many people try and do and that’s to rent direct from the owner. But can a Cape Town Holiday Accommodation Agency be of any better service?

Let’s see who is the baboon in this story.

You may think you save a few bucks when renting direct from the Cape Town home owner, but you have no way of getting out of the deal if it’s a dud. Sometimes at least.

You have no ways of ensuring you get the Cape Town holiday home you see on the internet. Tripadvisor has a few comments from people who have paid serious money for a holiday dump. There are not many but who wants to be statistic.

After reading about such a nasty experience I decided to create what I call The 6 Ideas On How To Expose Holiday Rental Scams. Check it out. It can save you some money.

Let me give you an example of how a Cape Town Holiday Accommodation Agency works based on our own experience:

We are a Cape Town holiday accommodation agency and run this Cape Town holiday accommodation business.

We list all the holiday homes ourself. And we inspect each holiday accommodation. No Cape Town holiday home owner list his/her home on our website. They can ask us to list it. But then we meet with them and do the necessary.

This means that you get what you see and what you read.

What about paying more for a Cape Town holiday rental agency?

A Cape Town holiday rental agency do make money because of the service they provide but it’s also a guarantee that you get what you deserve. And that’s peace of mind.

The other day an unfortunate Cape Town holiday maker died of a heart attack – he stressed because the hotel he booked with made a double booking.

The same story – no death this time but it was close – occurred at a local Cape Town guest house where the owner over booked. And she had very upset clients on her door step.

The problem that these single entity holiday rental providers have is; if they are full they are full.

But a Cape Town holiday agency, on the other hand, have many holiday homes on their books. For example we have more than 300 Cape Town holiday homes. And somewhere we will find you a lovely holiday spot.

We know how frustrating it is to find a Cape Town holiday home.

During peak times we have to find holiday homes that may not be on our books. And we go through loops trying to speak to many holiday home owners. It’s a pain. And this is what what many holiday makers do – to save a few bucks. They have to phone and phone and they get so frustrated.

But using a Cape Town Holiday agency can save you all that time and effort.

For example; when you visit our Cape Town holiday accommodation site you only have to send us one enquiry. One only! and we do all the work for you.

Again you only get peace of mind and time to focus on what to do when in Cape Town. Well… that’s not always true. We also make mistakes but they are small compared to the others I have mentioned above.

But what about the baboon in the story?

A year a go we book, a fancy dude from Johannesburg, into a home on the outskirts of Simonstown.

When we arrived at the home, the holiday family; a couple with two kids got out with all their state of the art holiday toys. And as they got out a troop of baboons came over to meet them. Bad timing to meet each other with no introductions.

That was the last. They packed that car up – quickly – and left us looking at the baboons foraging along.

After though negotiations with the holiday home owner we managed give their money back. A few bucks were kept as the owner had to pay for prepping his holiday home. And we had a happy holiday maker.

We may have baboons troops in some places of Cape Town. But these baboons are not close to the fun and games Joburgers have when their lights go out at night.

Have a lot of fun

Johan Horak
P.S. If you need great service and a reliable Cape Town Holiday Accommadtion Agencythen speak to us today.

How's your Cape Town holidays?

Here’s on your Next Cape Town holiday. (Photo credit: johanhorak)

How do you feel about using a Cape Town Holiday Accommodation Agency compared to direct from the owner?

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    Cape Town is so beautiful, if I have a chance I will take a tour to travel there.

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