About Us
Elmarie and Johan Horak

Cape Town Holiday accommodation with a difference.

Elmarie, Nandi and Johan Horak run Capeholidays; an unbiased provider of verified  Cape Town Accommodation. The business is run from Simonstown and Cape Town and was established in 2007. Before that, we ran retail businesses in Pretoria. We started a real estate business in Simonstown and slowly moved over to holiday letting. Our Capeholidays.info business was created in 2010. Please verify it here. Today that’s all we do today. Cape Town Holiday rentals.

What makes us happy?

Obviously our happy clients. Because we believe in service we respond sooner than most. But we are not afraid to say no. If we cannot do it we will tell you. But being responsive, and honest go hand in hand.

  • We are not the biggest Cape Town short term rental agency. But no one can beat us on response and efficiency.
  • We love nature and our dogs.
  • We travel and work.
  • We have fun but our clients are always come first.
  • We are not seen in fancy black ties and high heels. There is no pretence. What you see is what you get.
  • We work from our home offices; or rather we work from anywhere. We can and we want to. So don’t be surprised if you phone us and the dogs bark. We are happily assisting you.
  • Our objective is to find the right home for guests and maximise income for our home owners. And reading about our happy clients we must be doing more right than wrong. Yes. We do make mistakes but we take responsibility.

More Verifications:

  • You can find Johan Horak at Google+ with nearly 30 000 followers. You can read Johan Horak’s about me at Google+ here.
  • You have read our CapeHolidays blog.
  • If you want to we can give you the contact details of the people who have done business with us. We urge you to ask. As they have asked us to keep their contact details private but give to those who ask. They would love to share more:
  • Read testimonials about CapeHoloidays.info here.
  • Every day we take thousands of rands as deposits and payments from clients like you.We have a network of homeowners who trust us with all their booking money.
  • If you want we can give you names of happy homeowners who rely on us for the marketing and booking of their holiday homes. We would not be in business if we did not have trusting relationships with more than 300 homeowners and many other accommodation agencies who work closely with us. We would not be in a growing business if we did not receive one or two new homes everyday.
  • The only reason why we have this many holiday homes on our books is because our homeowners and holidaymakers trust us. We are not suggesting we have not made mistakes but we have never made the same mistake twice.
We believe in a fair deal. And nothing else. Johan Horak looks after the internet stuff, maximising income for homeowners and enquiries. Elmarie works on enquiries, home management and financials, Nandi does it all in Cape Town.
Are you on Twitter? Why not check us out and connect at @CapeHolidays
Get more here: Cape Town Holiday Accommodation Agency newsletter and blogging (please subscribe here) , TwitterFacebookGoogle+ and other. And you should please join us.  I am sharing with you these social places and what others have said about CapeHolidays to show you our intent.

Yes we know everyone wants to be different but CapeHolidays.info is different.  And our happy Cape Town holidaymakers agree.  And that makes us happy. But you may want to know more about us.



Someone who thinks the world is always cheating him is right. He is missing that wonderful feeling of trust in someone or something. Eric Hoffer

The above is how we feel about trust. We hope you feel the trust in others. But this should not stop you to ask for more. We will give you more.

Why not read the CapeHolidays blog post giving you advice on how to make sure you cut the risk when you book holiday accommodation online. We wrote this just for you.

Have fun

Elmarie, Nandi, And Johan Horak


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