Cape Town Is Great! Read Why International Travel Writers Agree

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Cape Town Black Taxi

I read some really interesting travel blogs lately. The idea was to get inspiration from great writers. And my focus was on Cape Town. Obviously. But what these writers had to say about Cape Town surprised me. Even if it should not. We all love Cape Town.

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Before I share these with you; I read that Paul Theroux wrote a new book called, African Safari” . And it looks like a great book:

His odyssey takes him northward from Cape Town, through South Africa and Namibia, then on into Angola, wishing to head farther still until he reaches the end of the line. Theroux encounters a world increasingly removed from both the itineraries of tourists and the hopes of postcolonial independence movements. Leaving the Cape Town townships, traversing the Namibian bush, passing the browsing cattle of the great sunbaked heartland of the savanna, Theroux crosses “the Red Line” into a different Africa: “the improvised, slapped-together Africa of tumbled fences and cooking fires, of mud and thatch,” of heat and poverty, and of roadblocks, mobs, and anarchy. After 2,500 arduous miles, he comes to the end of his journey in more ways than one, a decision he chronicles with typically unsparing honesty in a chapter called “What Am I Doing Here?”

What I like about his writing is his unsparing honesty. He encounters poverty, which is obvious while travelling from Cape Town to the rest of Africa. But he does not write from guilt as many travel writers visiting our shores do. All the of the traveller writers I share today are similar. If they were not I would not share their stories.

Now let’s get down to business and share other traveller writers’ view on Cape Town and South Africa in general:

a) Joburg looks like a city from a futuristic dystopian movie. b)The Afrikaans accent is scary – but hot. c) ‘Black Taxi’ means something very different d) If you can kill it, you can barbecue it.

And he is not taking about penguins 😉

    • Being a biased Cape Townian I would expect Simon’s Town’s Boulder’s Beach to be the only place where you can swim with penguins. Obviously this is not the case. Here’s more on place where you can swim with penguins. A quote from the blogger: Is it possible to dislike penguins? There’s something universally adorable about them. Maybe it’s their waddling. Or their tuxedo outfits.

The penguins in Simon’s Town gets more than 600 000 visitors per year. But they are not so popular with some of the locals. I remember when school kids were asked to decorate a bus stop in Simon’s Town with penguins. They did a colourful job. And it lasted for a year. Then one penguin hater got, up one night, and painted the bus stop white.

  • Where do travellers find the most friendly people in the world? It must be Cape Town. Chris the blogger lists only seven friendly places and Cape Town is one of them. He has some really great interesting comments about Cape Town – even though he was initially apprehensive;

One night I took myself out for a steak (South Africans cook the best steaks) with the intention of just eating and heading back to the hostel. I ended up chatting to the locals and before I knew what had happened we were lining up shots on the bar and playing pool. After that night, every time I walked past the bar the locals rushed out to invite me in for a drink – the kind of experience that makes travelling so worth it.

  • 10 of the most beautiful surfing destinations in the world. According to Beckey:

Cape Town offers spectacular beach scenery with a backdrop of the majestic Table Mountain. The people are friendly here and the beaches are sublime. Cape Town also has about 150 great surfing spots.

Beckey even agree, that we Cape Townians, are a friendly bunch. We have friendly people, we have beautiful surfing beaches, we have great food and wine, penguins and Orcas. What more do you want.

All I can say is:

Unbiased travel writers said it. Cape Town is a great place. And you are invited to Cape Town today.

Have a lot of fun

Johan Horak


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