If You Are In Cape Town You Are Lucky Enough

December 23, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Cape Town Holiday Makers

Beachfront holiday accommodation

Yes it’s the season. Everyone is in Cape Town. Let me qualify. Everyone who was lucky enough to find accommodation is in Cape Town. We had a very tough time trying to find accommodation for last minute Cape Town holidaymakers. We assisted many of you but lots we could only disappoint. Let’s try harder next time.


If you are lucky enough to wake-up in Cape Town and see this view or just any view of Cape Town then enjoy every moment. How can you not be happy to be in this chilled place. A place where everyone goes at his own pace, even the GP cars are not in a hurry.

Is that not a sign of a happy holiday place? Slow GP cars! No e-tolls. Nothing. Just clean fresh sea air. A place where you can braai fresh crayfish, a place where you can braai Yellow Tail that you can get from Sylvia.

Wherever you are want to wish you nothing but ahappy holiday.

Have a lot of fun and don’t take anything seriously.

The CapeHolidays.Info Team

Elmarie, Nandi, Johan



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