Cape Town Is Nearly 2000 km Further From The Ebola Risk Than London

November 5, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Cape Town Holiday Makers


The world is a small place and at times (most times) pretty stupid. We had a party of 8 from Europe coming to Cape Town but the cancelled because of the so called Cape Town Ebola risk. If you look at the map above London is 4624 km from the Ebola risk area, Gibraltar – Spain is only 2883 km away and Cape Town is 6210 km away from the Ebola risk area. Cape Town is nearly two thousand km further away than London.

How amazingly stupid?

And then another issue: If you have not been to South Africa then you may think Africa is South Africa. Africa is a continent. Africa is not a country. There are 64 states in Africa, independently run like the USA, Spain, etc.

Because the Ebola out break is in Africa does not mean you not coming to Cape Town will save your innocent face. You may be closer to Ebola where you are in Europe – but you ignore this fact. If you need to get away from Ebola and think distance is the solution then Cape Town is where you should go.

But your Africa equals Cape Town is so far-fetched that I am not sure why I am even writing this. Let me end by say that we are not living in the time of the ox wagon where distance could save you. The USA imported an Ebola patient via a very fast plane in no time. Wherever you are; trying to put distance between you and Ebola will not protect you. Your real risk is not the Cape Town Ebola risk. Your own ignorance is your problem.

If you are not ignorant then get on with life and have fun.

Have fun


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