Are You Tapping Into Cape Town Romantic Travel Market?

August 22, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Cape Town Accommodation Owners,Marketing

What is romantic travel?

For most people this means honeymoons, but today we are getting minimoons as well. You can define a minimoon as pre-honeymoon short stays, post marriage celebration of milestones and other romantic breaks. It’s all about the emotion and trying to kindle or rekindle a memory, a feeling…….

We all know emotion sells. If emotion gets involved nothing in its way matters. In a way this quote explains it.

emotions Not many emotional romantics will look at their emotions as enslaving them. But from, boring, logical view emotions are the reason people are willing to spend a lot of money on romance.

Therefore, I believe, Cape Town accommodation owners can benefit by tapping into the romantic travel market.

A company called Travel Impressions indicated that their destination wedding business grew by 20% in one year. Now I am not suggesting that you go into the wedding business. All I am trying to show is that romantic travel is huge and not limited to weddings only. Here’s a quote from the article:


That brings me to short stays.

I believe that most of the romantic travellers want short stays. At the moment some self catering accommodation owners provide short stays but guesthouses and hotels take most of this market.


Because self catering accommodation owners are not geared for it. This needs to change as we are getting more and more enquiries for short stays at self catering accommodation.

I know most Cape Town accommodation owners and others involved in Cape Town’s travel market tend to focus on peak season. This is cash in period. The 14 days minimum period. That’s great for peak. But if are serious about renting your place and peak is your only focus then you are short-sighted.

Let me repeat: In this article Nicholas is saying that couples are booking short stays and they are doing it more often. I like the word more often. This means that they are not necessarily traveling far. As we have seen with short stays; South Africans and Cape Townians are the ones who are looking for short stays in Cape Town’s beach areas.

What can do to make your accommodation attractive to short stay romantics?

I will share a few ideas, some I have shared before. You may have your own. My suggestions are not absolutes they are just guidelines based either on research I read or on requests we get:

  • Romantics are Jacuzzis.
  • Free uncapped Wi-Fi. Even though people say they are trying to eliminate communication while away they never do.
  • Full DTSV (We do this for many homes we manage. You only activate the decoder when you have guests and you only pay R20 per day for the service).
  • Be flexible in your negotiations regarding rates and length of stay.  Your objective, initially, is not to maximise profits but to occupy beds. Break even over slows months is the minimum. As your beds get booked out, more and more, you will eventually get to the tipping point. You have no idea when this occurs. But happy romantics talk and they share their experience and you get referrals. It can take a year or two but it happens. And when the demand for you beds exceeds your availability you can look at increasing profit margins.
  • In a post on how accommodation owners can be more successful I mentioned online availability calendars. There are free options like Google Calendar. Others like Knightsbridge and Razor will cost you money. Whatever you do make it easy for potential guests and agents to market your accommodation.
  • Be willing to list with accommodation agents. The extra beds you sell may just surprise you.
  • Get the word out that you do romantic travel. Discuss it, explain it, and share it online. The more you do the better. If Google or Facebook is not aware of your romantic travel offers then nobody will.

cape-town-romantic-travelling-boomingIf you agree then do the following

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Then go out and have Cape Town fun.

Johan Horak
P.S. Talking about fun. When last did you have a day of at one of the Constantia wine farms? You may just enjoy it more than you bargained for.




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