Cape Town Self Catering Accommodation Rates

What are Cape Town self catering accommodation rates?

Today I will only discuss rates in general. Then in another post I would discuss rates per area, and then how length of stay affects your rate.

You’ll agree that Cape Town self catering accommodation rates depend on where you want to stay, how long you want to stay, the luxury you expect and your budget. And the story can become pretty boring. Today. Let’s keep it short. Let’s start with extravagant luxury:

I am sure you have seen this luxurious mansion in Cape Town:

Inline image 1
This lovely four bedroom villa, in Cape Town sleeping 8, you can rent today from R100 000 per night. In other words R12 500 per night per person. Impressive. If that’s your kind of style and you have the budget, then book it today. The summer rate is even higher. This Cape Town villa is the most expensive self catering (chef included) villa in Cape Town.
Let’s  look at Cape Town self catering accommodation rates in general: I am going to generalize grossly to simplify this article.
In later articles I will elaborate. I will tell you about rates you can expect in different Cape Town suburbs, how length of stay affects the rate you’ll pay, and where you can get bargains.
Today we will be looking at the broad picture: we can divide Cape Town’s accommodation in Atlantic Seaboard and other. Where the Atlantic Seaboard (specifically Camps Bay, and Clifton) is the most expensive.
During winter you can expect to pay about R250 per person per night in the less popular areas. And in the Atlantic Seaboard you’ll pay double or more than that.
I will find it very difficult to find you a two bedroom place in Camps Bay for less than R2 000 in winter. But in Tamboerskloof I can offer you this two bedroom place close to everything for R1200 per night.
Or I can give you bargain deal any time of they year you in Scarborough, right on the beach in these 10 and 9 sleeper homes (1, 2) running for less than R250 per person per night (less than R2500 per night for 10 people).
This Camps Bay villa sleeping 10, during winter, runs at R6000 per night. The Scarborough homes above are not of similar luxury. My point is rather to show you that you cannot get anything at R250 per person per night in the popular Cape Town holiday areas.
Cape Town Accommodation Rates

Camps Bay 5 Bedroom Villa

If you want to stay in Clifton then this luxury Clifton villa is the place I recommend. It’s only R21 000 per night during winter or R39 000 per night in peak season.

Luxury Clifton Beach Villa

Clifton Villa

During peak season Cape Town self catering accommodation rates are – in general – R1500 per person per night and more in the popular Camps Bay, Clifton areas.

The peak rates for other areas are between R500 and R750 per person per night. There are obviously exceptions. Like this home in Simonstown sleeping 6 at R420 per person per night or this Muizenberg apartment sleeping 8 at R340 per person per night.
This Simonstown villa rents for just more than R6000 per night, in peak season. The same villa in Camps Bay will rent for more than R15 000 per night.
Let me summarise Cape Town self catering accommodation rates:
Ave Rates Per Person Per Night Winter Summer
Camps Bay, Clifton +R500 +R1500
Other R250 +R500

Please note: The figures are to assist you in making up your mind. None of the rates are to be used as quotes. All rates are subject to change. So enquire before you assume.

Let me know if this has answered some of your questions. In follow ups I will share more details on rates per area and why length of stay affects your daily rate, and where you can get real bargains on the beach if you know great accommodation agents like us 😉

March 3, 2014


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