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As Cape Town holiday home rental agents we can assist the self-catering homeowner who wants gain an income from the lucrative Cape Town tourism and travel industry. We can assist in more than one way:
  1. Passive Marketing: Listing your nice accommodation on our website for free. All that’s needed is your in-your-pocket rates for various season, your minimum stay rules. We will get the description from your website and send you enquiries meeting your home rules. Note: This is a no-obligation marketing option; meaning that we send you guests if and when we can. In other words we send enquiries to our pro-active marketing clients first. If they cannot accommodate we look at owners who opted for the passive marketing option.
  2. Pro-Active Marketing: We add you to our exclusive and comprehensive marketing homes list. We take a personal interest in the marketing of your accommodation. We commit ourselves to maximising your income. This gives you dedicated and responsible marketing on various international and local websites. We manage your calendar on these sites. We qualify the guests, we do the bookings, and get the agreements and indemnity in. We ensure the money paid is paid, we keep stats of success, share your listing with 400 international and high profile local agents working on luxury Cape Town villas like yours. Again we provide this service for free other than our commission. All we need is to manage your availability calendar integrity and together we need to set your availability rules.
  3. Management and Pro-Active Marketing: We can provide an all inclusive home management and short term rental marketing service (see 2) to very select accommodation. This service is limited to self-catering owners in Cape Town who want to optimise their income by attracting quality guests. We will qualify these owners and homes carefully and may walk away and not disappoint the owner.

What is required to start the process of listing your Cape Town self catering accommodation with our agency? 

We need to know a bit more about your expectations and your accommodation:

  • When is your accommodation available?
  • What rates do you expect during winter, summer and peak? Even if you don’t know just use your gut feel. This is important as we can judge your readiness or not to market your place.
  • A list of features of your place.
  • If you cannot sell your place with words we will find it impossible to rent it out. Describe your places as though you would sell it to a friend – use at least 300 words to make people want to stay in your place.
  • A romantic looking house sells. If you are not interested in sending us quality staged photos then please don’t expect us to assist you. We need at least ten high quality professional photos of your place after you have staged it correctly.
  • Renting out your home the first few times may be nerve racking. We understand that. Out of thousands of bookings, we have done we have only had less than 1% with issues. The most issues we have is from guest not happy because the owner’s pool stopped working or with blunt knives. Without going into all the issues now, if you are a racists then don’t even bother listing your home.

What kind of income can you expect?

To qualify for our Cape Town holiday home rental agents listing Service please complete the following and we will be in touch with you:


List Your Home Here Today!


I just have to take my hat off to the three of you for the outstanding service and encouragement you have afforded myself with the hosting of Irene’s Pad.
Simply 5 star treatment by staying in contact with me regarding my visitors, bookings and all round interest in every way possible.  I am sure that my success is 100% attributed to yourselves and the excellent running of your business.
I just have to take my hat off to the three of you

July 22, 2015


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