Cape Town Self Catering Marketing Trends

Marketing of your self catering accommodation is pretty useless if you don’t have an idea how you compare. I started using Google Trends to see how our web stats compare to global trends.

By the way: It’s critical that you start measuring:

  1. Number of people visiting your site per day.
  2. How many pages are viewed.
  3. How many enquiries you get per day, per week etc.
  4. What is the percentage enquiries vs web visitors

And then draw graphs over weeks or months to see the trends.

You also need to know how many enquiries you get per day/week from each site you are listing with and plot this over time. Then you need to calculate the cost to acquire each lead for each site you advertise at. We can discuss this in more detail if you are interested. Let me repeat: with out a graph you will never know if your efforts are effective.

The Self Catering Trend for Cape Town (see the actual graph here):


I see there is a 25% increase of searches over the last few days. Interesting. Did you notice this in your web visitors or enquiries? We are seeing a 32% increase on last week. BTW:  We will hit our highest monthly figures of more than 20 000 during August 2014. Nearly double on what we did a year ago.

I hope you will start keeping stats of your efforts.

Have fun

Johan at CapeHolidays where we try harder and respond sooner.

August 29, 2014


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