Cape Town Self Catering Owner: 12 Home Setup Tips Get You Compliments Galore!

As a Cape Town Self Catering Owner, you want guests to be proud of your accommodation. There are always two types of owners; those who focus on making money and those who focus on having happy guests. As you guess; the ones who focus on having happy guests make more money than the others.

The list below is a quick checklist to ensure your self-catering accommodation is ready and prepared when happy guest arrive. The first impressions sets the scene for smiles or complaints. If you follow these minimum guidelines you will have a pleasant holiday while you earn money.

  1. Provide welcoming stuff: enough coffee, milk, sugar, olive oil, toilet paper and other similar things for one day.
  2. Ensure that all kitchen utensils and tools are in working order – sharp knives and sharp can opener – as you don’t want them to complain to us about the simple stuff.
  3. Towels: Have two sets or more sets of bathroom towels and leave specific old towels for the beach. Be very clear about these. If you don’t they will use your bathroom towels on the beach.
  4. Arrange to have a linen change included once every seven days. See point 9. (If you have extra linen lock it away as they may use it when available). White linen is best – with no stains anywhere.
  5. All additional services – additional cleaning, laundry etc – you can provide as an optional extra.
  6. You don’t want fleas and pet odours  – if you have pets start well in advance to clear your house of pests and odours. You may not smell your pet, but your guests will. Dust and dirty windows also cause complaints.
  7. Freshen up: Get colourful flowers and ensure your home is fresh, clean and open. People from inland are not used to Cape Town’s climate. It’s important to check for mould and mouldy wet smells.
  8. Appoint a manager to take responsibility! You need someone if it’s not yourself who will take full responsibility. What happens when the electricity trips, the geyser burst, or the Mnet does not work? You need a list of contact numbers readily available; do you have one responsible person to call or do they call one of your appointed workmen. Think clearly about this. Your keysafe becomes an important tool to make this easy to give access to the home if you are not available.
  9. Meeting and greeting: Get yourself a keysafe and eliminate the massive conflict of trying to meet and greet guests at a specified time.
  10. Instructions & Things to do: Create a folder with instructions on how to use tricky appliances, alarms etc. Never stick rules on the wall. Make them feel welcome. You can also include where to walk, where to eat, where not to go etc. Share the good things about your community and suburb.
  11. DTSV. A deal breaker. If you don’t have DSTV your place will probably be one of the last to go. Get the full holiday package and pay for it only when you need it – pay as you go. Another option is to install a dish plus cabling and ask the guest to bring his own decoder – not clever, but an options.
  12. Internet. A deal breaker. If you don’t have Internet your place will probably be one of the last to go. Why not get a MiFi (mobile wifi modem) with 3G card with limited data and let the guest buy more if and when needed. Or best; included it in the rate. For less than R400 you can buy 6 Gigs. And you only have to buy when you have guests.

December 29, 2014


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