Cape Town Self Catering Rates: How Long You Stay

cape town self catering rates

You know Cape Town is popular. Very popular. And the most popular time is between Christmas and old Year’s Eve up to 15 January. The period after Christmas, including Old Year’s Eve by far the most popular. (Read this article with the article on Cape Town self catering rates).

Cape Town Self Catering Rates

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The next most popular time is from 15 December until end February – even up to March and April now. May, June, July, August, September are the quieter months. But then it builds up speed like an African elephant running down Table Mountain.

During peak periods Cape Town self catering owners want at rate based on 14 days. This means that you can stay for 7 or less days, but you will pay for 14 days.

If you want to stay only a few days, during peak time, then your best option would be guest houses and hotels.

A homeowner once told us about another Clifton homeowner who only take 21 days over this peak period. The rent was approximately R30 000 per day. The guest wanted the house for 10 days only. He paid about R630 000 for the ten days (the rate for 21 days). And he paid months in advance. He enjoyed his stay a lot. And at the end of his ten days he decided to stay longer. But his agreement was only for ten days and the owner was not interested. ;-(

 cape town self catering rates

I realise this is an extreme example. With Cape Town as popular as it is the holiday-maker is the one who pays – And the owner says: Take it or leave it.

During winter time the holiday-maker is in charge. Then there are an over-supply of self catering homes and you can make demands. You can stay for one night and you’ll pay a third or even less of the peak time rates.

In the False Bay, Southern Peninsula and Southern Suburbs areas the rates are based on 7 to 14 days.

For a map of the Cape Town areas and the rates you can expect to pay to have a look at this map. This map is work in progress. The idea is that this map will tell you where you can stay and what you can expect. It also shows the approximate rates you’ll pay at different areas.

Do you have any questions about Cape Town self catering rates? Do you think the accommodation owners are fair?

Have fun


March 17, 2014


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