Whose Fault Is It When Your Cape Town Self Catering Rental Agent Ignore You?


We (the shorter rental agent and home owner) chose this relationship together. And we have to work at it. But as they say it takes two to tango. And we like the tango. It’s an effort initially but within the rhythm we start having fun. But sometimes our tango partners are ignore.

Why are you ignore on the tango dance floor?

If your agents are good enough in winter then they are good enough at any time. Okay. One day you may change your mind and then we can slowly do the tango steps again. We are very forgiving as we know people have unconscious fears. (Owners who only want to tango in bad times).

When you focus on our commission you are aware of your pimples and stead of your smile. Remember at school when you could not move from the chair, next to the dance floor, because of your one pink pimple on your blushing face. It sets you in such a negative mind frame nobody dares close to you. And the empty signal you send; you attract only the worst. Some homeowners focus on the short-term gain. They do calculations on paper in think they make money when rates are high and agents are paid 10% or less. (Owners who only want to tango when they get the agent for next to nothing).

Most of the homeowners who are successful share and share. They have various happy agents looking after them all the time. And their booking calendars are one colour; yellow for booked. And year on year they increase their annual income while the others suffocate under their the emotional pressure of their stingy pimples.

Our happy tango partners:

  1. Pay our commission with a smile.
  2. Advertise on many sites and pay up wherever they get more paying guests.
  3. Inform us regularly of changes; photos, features, rates. The more you educate your clients and agents the better. This takes time.
  4. They keep in touch. Simple as that. Some invite us for pizza and champagne. This is a bonus and we don’t expect this from anyone. because we are not married to any accommodation. We only offer clients what fit their needs.
  5. Make more money than those who are worried agents will steal their income.
  6. Share an availability calendar with agents. You can use Google Calendar. It’s free and you can share it with your agents and on your own website. Why use such a calendar?
  7. Tell us what the rules are; do they allow kids, parties, minimum stay. Basically, give me everything I need to make the booking without me (your agent) having to go through loops. This does not mean we should not talk. But when we send 100s of emails a day we cannot always talk. It get’s rough at the Horak’s when our site hits nearly 1500 views a day.
  8. Have an integrated or semi automated booking system. When I book the home, online, you send me an autoresponder telling me what the Terms and Conditions, contact info and physical address are. (I am not suggesting your need to do this today. But keep it in mind).

From our perspective: When it gets busy it gets busy! And we go where it’s easy. If I have to phone or email you to check availability, and rules while your neighbour’s website gives me availability etc, independently, then I first go where the tango is in full swing. This is one of reasons why I am asking accommodation owners to make it easier.

The Horak’s want to offer your home to our clients. We want to tango with you. Keep in touch, and educate us on your home’s features, send us new photos. You are invited.

Have fun

Johan at CapeHolidays.info where we try harder and respond sooner.





August 7, 2014


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