Cape Town Sightseeing Hop on Hop Off Cape Town Tour

February 12, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Things To Do in Cape Town

Why not go on the Cape Town Sightseeing Hop on Hop Off Cape Town Tour?

What better and fun way than doing Cape Town sightseeing hop on hop off Cape Town Tour? Can you give me any alternative?

You arrive in Cape Town; you’ll see Table Mountain, from the air you may see Cape Town harbour and Robbein Island, and False Bay. And more mountains. But when you step on land you are lost. Completely lost.

I remember when we arrived here in Cape Town. Our new home was in Simon’s Town, 40 ks from Cape Town center. All the mountains confused Elmarie – my wife. Go over one and you see the sea. Go over another and there’s the sea again. Confusing.

My suggestion is that you do the Cape Town sightseeing hop on hop off Cape Town tour. Do it today. It’s cheap compared to any other Cape Town day tours you may consider.

Here’s a slide show of photos of the Cape Town Sightseeing Hop on Hop Off Cape Town Tour (if you cannot see it view it here):

 Here’s what other’s had to say about the hop on hop off:

A must – Best way to get an idea of where you would like to explore further. Buy a joint ticket for both as much cheaper and you can get on and off at some great venues.(saves you money on cabs ) We bought an extra days pass as so much to see. Very informative and clear headphones . Great value… regularhotelstayer


We only had time to do a one day red route tour and saw all the main sites. Everything with good audio commentary. Great if you are stuck for time. gardenofengland


What could be more convenient. Buses every 20 minutes, hop on hop off, commentary in several languages. Great value. Damo35


it’s cheaper than taking a cab/taxi and the commentary was fantastic, with friendly staff.
the cruise was an interesting surprise, don’t skip it. wjme


I have been to Cape Town a few times. This time I took my friend who has never been so I decided to do the bus tours. We did have a car but it’s nice to be driven around, especially when doing the wine tastings. The commentary is crystal clear and very informative, the staff are all so friendly and welcoming. Buses are clean and great condition. They stop at all the main sights and it’s a really great way to see Cape Town while you sit back and relax. Fantastic value for money in comparison to other tours. I am from South Africa and would highly recommend this! KimmyB84


Here’s a list many Hop on Hop Off Cape Town tours you can do.

Here’s my longer recommendation:

I don’t care if you have a rental car, or a helicopter, if you are new to Cape Town; just get on the Red Bus Hop on Hop Off Cape Town Tour. If you have a car then you can go back to these places you liked and did not spend enough time at. And you can skip those you don’t want to see again.

Spend some bucks and do a proper tour. And relax.

Have fun

Johan Horak

P.S. If you enjoyed this Cape Town city tour then you’ll enjoy the hop on hop off train pass and the route from Cape Town to Simon’s Town or the Cape Town steam train on the same route.


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