Cape Town: Where would I rather be?

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The Cape Town rain. The Cape Town wind. Where would I rather be?

Cape Town Beach

Cape Town Beach

I went to visit my friends this morning in Murdock valley to list their quint Simon’s Town holiday cottage and they shared comments from their friends up north. (Shanny just returned from Tzaneen. And her friends ridiculed her for returning to Cape Town).

Shanny decided to send them 100 photos, one every day, to compare Tzaneed or any other up north town to Cape Town.

Shanny sent the first one sent up north. What can compare to the blue sky, the blue False Bay and the mountains?

Simon's town False Bay Photo

View Over False Bay

Where would I rather be? In Tzaneen or Cape Town?

Shanny said; [pullquote position=”right”]Given a 100 Cape Town days we will have windy, rainy days but the brilliant days in between overshadow all of these. [/pullquote]

Cape Town Wine Trip

Cape Town Wine Trip

When you are up north, it’s cold and rainy you go out to a pub and drink Cape Town wine……

Anytime of the year we only drive 20 mins to visit a wine farm, and taste various wines next to a fire-place – the real thing.

Where would I rather be?

While you are riding your bike in and around Jo-burgs pollution we go surfing in Muizenberg.

Muizenberg surfers

Surfers (credit)

Okay. You decide to go for a drive, you pack the car, the kids, the dog, the maid and off you go; 4 hours or longer to Tzaneen or Sabie. There you can drive along beautiful roads and have fun.

Where would I rather be?

Here in Cape Town, as you know, anywhere we the drive is beautiful. Yes. Even if it rains.

Drive Chapmans Peak

Chapman’s Peak (credit)

Yesterday we went to list a lovely house in Klein Slangkop and went for lunch in Scarborough. It was such a beautiful day. Having fun.

On the way down Elmarie took this photo of Simon’s Town from the Red Hill Road.


Where would I rather be?

In and around Cape Town.

Someone said that [pullquote position=”right”]if you are in Cape Town; you are lucky enough[/pullquote]. And so we are. We hope you come and visit us soon.

We will set you up in lovely Cape Town accommodation.

Have fun

Johan Horak


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