Clifton Cape Town Is The Place To Holiday With The Wealthy

Number of south african millionaires

Given the population Clifton Cape Town packs the most expensive real estate in South Africa.

Clifton Beach Accommodation Research

On top of that you even get white sand on your doorstep, and the deep-blue Atlantic ocean where lovers – old and young – watch the sun set.

In short: if you can afford a romantic holiday in Cape Town with the rich and famous then Clifton is the place to be.

I read in Rapport that Sandhurst, Johannesburg has the most multi-millionaires. But this is a biased view. If you look at the population figures Clifton is the real place to be. Data from the article shows that Clifton has more homes worth R20 million or more (given the population) than any other suburb in South Africa:

Clifton Holiday for rich and famous

Most wealthy people buying property in South Africa live in Clifton. The others want to but can’t. (Personal Opinion)

Look at it this way: How many wealthy sardines can you force into a tin?

Clifton Accommodation

I am sure you agree that the last one in needs to pay top dollar as space is limited. But when money is not an issue, Clifton is the only choice. This is the same for holidaymakers that know Cape Town.

The fishy analogy may not appeal to all.

Let me rather share a more boring and technical perspective:

For every three people living in Clifton you’ll find one plus-20-million house. The second best is Sandhurst with 5 people for every R20 million house. But, seriously, who wants to be in Johannesburg if they can be in Cape Town? (Ha ha)

If Clifton had more space – a bigger tin – then more multi-millionaires would be here. Luckily, a massive mountain behind it and the vast Atlantic Ocean prevent any further development.

By the way: Is it not interesting that Cape Town suburbs make up 7 of the 11 places mentioned in the Rapport article? If you were sceptical I am sure you now agree that Cape Town must have the edge.

Number of south african millionaires

  • Let me speculate why Clifton is so popular:
    • Clifton is romantic. There are no bright lights from advertisers. You get the secluded white beaches, and the lovely homes. It’s idyllic: happy, peaceful, or picturesque. Go there and decide for yourself.
    • Add to this the limited real estate and you have a destination where only the rich can afford to buy homes and the wealthy from Sandhurst can afford to rent Cape Town holiday beach homes/bungalows. (World War I returning soldiers where given land here. And their small bungalows were built from the packing cases that conveyed imported motor cars during the 1920s and ’30′s – the perks of being a survivor. Read more here.

Have a lot of fun in the Cape Town sun.

Johan Horak

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June 3, 2013


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