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Cape Town Holidays Accommodation Directory (CapeHolidays.Info)

Cape Town Atlantic & Central & Southern Cape Town

135 Main Road Greenpoint 1860 Cape Town

14 Harbour Heights Drive Simonstown Cape Town

Western Cape

South Africa

Telephone: +27 21 786 4028

NOTE: Because we cannot keep track of phoned enquiries calling us to enquire is NOT a great idea.

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Ben decided to rather use CapeHolidays: Apologies if I’m causing problems here. That certainly wasn’t my intention. The reason I wanted to make the booking for ‘Alphen Views’ with Johan and Elmarie was simply because they have been extremely helpful in my search for the right property in Cape Town, including taking my phone calls at the weekend. I have used a number of sites and companies whilst searching over the past few weeks and lose track of who has replied with what. Johan and Elmarie stood out as the agents who went that extra mile to help. Ben Lyall UK
Extremely helpful in my search for the right property in Cape TownHolidaymakerUK




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