Current Available Cape Town Homes For Peak Time – 4 Bedrooms

September 7, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Cape Town Accommodation Owners,Rates

Dear Cape Town Home Owner

This is an open letter to one of our Southern Suburb self-catering home-owners.

For privacy purposes, I have bolded in the house in the table.

The owner asked me the following today:

Just popping in to see how the market is going? have we had any hits on our house?

This is my response:

2016/17 high season is not fireworks and the facts are not pretty 🙂

It has been very quiet but there are signs of slight improvement.

Currently, in our availability database, that we share with many managing agents around Cape Town, there are thirty-two 4 bedroom homes still available for 14 nights high-peak (23 Dec to 6 Jan).

Amongst these are quite a lot of Atlantic homes available. And a little odd as they tend to go first.

Last to go are, normally, the Southern Suburb homes.

Currently, your home’s daily rate-net-to-you is in amongst the Atlantic Ocean homes and by far the most expensive home in the Southern Suburb – there is one more expensive home in the SS and it’s a six bedroom.

You are competing with the ultra popular Atlantic and it will slow you down.

It does not mean it could not go but it’s not going to go easily, at all.

We have you at 14 days minimum or about +R200 00 net to you.

If you want to get it out sooner you have the following options:

  1. One is to reduce your rate
  2. the other is to go for a ten-day minimum.
  3. The third is a combination of reduced rates and reduced minimum stay.

If you want; you can hang in there and hope for the best. But be willing to wait patiently.

The choice is yours.

Here is a table showing the homes (area only), no of bedrooms and the net rate per day to the owner. If any owner would like to see how his home compare to the others contact Johan at 021 786 4028.