Designed To Unfrustrate The Waiting For Self Catering Guests To Arrive

Meeting guests when they arrive or open the home for cleaners or maintenance guys: Your

Your self catering agent can assist you. You can beg yourneigbours. You can ask your mother. You can cancel or interrupt your party. You can pay a friend. You can fine them if they arrive late, it does not help. Whatever the story; someone or a few people will be frustrated because self catering guests arrive whenever they want. And why not!

Some of our homeowners even get upset with us when guests cannot give us an exact time of arrival. They demand that guests arrive at a specific time and want them to keep to it.

During peak we can have ten groups arriving on one day. They would tell us that they expect to arrive at 10:00 but actually arrive 3 hours later. Or they arrive on Sunday night 11:59 but pitch at 3:00 am. Tomorrow one of our guests want to leave at 5:00 am. I can tell you about many more frustrations. You cannot pay me or anyone enough for such frustrations. There must be another way.

It’s pretty ridiculous that in this day of pin codes, passwords, cell phones etc we are still creating lots of conflict because of a physical key exchange. Why do we have to create such tension? Why waste hours and petrol when we can find solutions?

Self catering guest travel 12 hours to Cape Town and they expect to be received at the door anytime. But you don’t run a hotel service with staff 24 hours a day.

Manage the expectation:

When you tell guests what to expect they are quite relaxed to get to the house, open the keysafe with a code you gave them and enter without your presence.

Many homeowners today are addressing the issue with a simple keysafe or more elaborate keyless lock. We have started installing keysafes at homes we manage.  The cost is less than R1000 to install and removes all the frustration.

Now your guests can arrive when they want and your life continues normally.

“That’s poor service”. We believe the stress it relieves from the person meeting the guest at the exact time of arrival is worth every penny. And the guest can now also relax as they don’t have to chase a commitment.

This does not mean you give the guest access and now everything is cool. No. You can still go and introduce yourself at a convenient time for both of you.

We love providing a service to all our homeowners but be fair to us, yourself and your guests, install a keysafe today.

Placing the keysafeI do suggest you don’t place your keysafe in an obvious place. We have placed it postboxes away from the front door. Be creative.

Other uses: You may be away and you need cleaning staff to enter the home. When the cleaning staff can enter may not be convenient for the guest. Or the guest needs to wait for the cleaning staff. A keysafe can elimate this issue. (By The Way: There are professional home cleaning companies in Cape Town who can help you when you are away).

December 12, 2014


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