Foreigners Book 4 Days Cape Town Accommodation And Get One For Free

Cape Town is one of the cheapest cities when you consider Tripadvisor’s index and the devaluating South African rand. Let me share with you just how cheap….

Cape Town Cheap For Foreigners

The TripAdvisor TripIndex Cities is based on the cost of a couple staying one night in a four-star hotel, cocktails, a two-course dinner with a bottle of wine, and return taxi fare of 3.2 kilometres each way. (read more here).

This travel basket will cost you $219.46 in Cape Town and Oslo Norway $581.08. This means that you can stay nearly 24 days in Cape Town but only 10 days in Oslo.  But the story gets even better, if you consider the falling rand as good news.

South African Rands Impact on Tourism

July/August 2012 the rand was about R8 to the dollar it’s now devalued to R10 to the dollar.

This means that foreign tourist to South Africa are paying 25% less than what they would have paid a year earlier. In other words; for every four days accommodation in Cape Town they get one day for free. The Ozzies will not get any major free deals from us (14% cheaper). The Europeans and Brits will be smiling also at one day free for every 4 days accommodation bought.

Will Cape Town and South Africa see more foreign tourists this season? Will the rand improve? What’s your opinion? I think it’s cheap to find holiday accommodation in Cape Town.

Have fun.

And spend those dollars, pounds and euros as it take you far in Cape Town.

Johan Horak

June 18, 2013


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